$163.6 million in funding for Little Rock USACE civil works


This funding comes from the $6.6 billion budget of the US Army Corps Civil Works Program worldwide. The Little Rock District Cup – over 160 million.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The US Army Corps of Engineers, specifically the Little Rock District, is receiving millions of dollars from President Joe Biden’s fiscal year budget.

This funding comes from the $6.6 billion budget of the US Army Corps of Engineers Global Civil Works Program. The Little Rock District cut is over $160 million.

Jay Woods, spokesman for the Corps of Engineers Little Rock District, said the money will directly impact millions of Arkansans.

“If we weren’t able to maintain campgrounds, dams, help with flooding issues or anything like that, that’s 20 million people who wouldn’t be able to get to any of our lakes across the state,” Woods said.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Little Rock District received $163.6 million in federal funding for its civil works program.

$74.7 million of that amount will go toward the operation and maintenance of 12 reservoirs in Arkansas and southern Missouri. $88.9 million is used to maintain navigation of the McClellan Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System.

Woods said the money not only helps maintain Arkansas’ parks, reservoirs and navigation systems, but also provides some Arkansas with needed water.

“As part of the reservoir, more than 400,000 people get their water from our impoundments, which helps us maintain everything and provide good quality water to the people of Arkansas and southern Missouri,” Woods said. .

This $163.6 million is the largest sum the Little Rock District has ever received and while it seems like a huge number, Woods said if they don’t get that kind of money or it doesn’t. was not enough to fund their maintenance projects, it would have a negative impact on our state.

“As with the river, if we didn’t maintain it, there would be hundreds of thousands more trucks on the road,” Woods said. “You saw on I-30 and I-40 and all the construction, you can imagine how much of a problem that would be.”

In addition to that $163.6 million, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Little Rock District learned just days ago that it was receiving $168.5 million separate from the Investment Act and infrastructure jobs.

Here’s a breakdown of where this the money goes.

  • $168.5 million in total from the Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Creation Act.
  • $92.6 million will be used for the 12-foot channel deepening project on the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System.
  • $62.7 million will be used for the operation and maintenance of navigation.
  • $2 million will go to the Nimrod Dam in west-central Arkansas for crane rehabilitation, design and repair.
  • $850,000 will go to Clearwater Dam for the repair of the crane.
  • Millwood Lake receives $4.2 million for emergency repairs at Okay Levee in southwestern Arkansas.
  • The district’s permanent permits program also received additional help $6.2 million dollars in funding allocations.


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