3 Twitch streamers who repeatedly get in trouble for their actions

Twitch is one of the world’s leading streaming platforms; therefore, its guidelines must be taken seriously. However, on several occasions, streamers have received temporary or permanent bans for flouting the rules and guidelines set by the purple platform. While some of these bans have been questionable, most of the time the bans are completely justified.

Several streamers have received multiple bans from Twitch, some of them being the platform’s most prominent personalities. Here are the top streamers who have repeatedly had issues with their streaming actions.

Streamers who keep having trouble on Twitch


Imane “Pokimane” Anys is currently one of the biggest Twitch streamers. In fact, it’s debated that her popularity on the platform is what has kept her from receiving bans.

On numerous occasions, Pokimane has gotten away with only warnings for uttering unacceptable words on Twitch, such as the N word and “simp”. These comments had been banned by the platform to protect people against cyber-harassment.

@ bIub69 @pokimanelol someone else who says the n word: HOW DARE YOU
when pokimane says it: she’s cute little pie it’s ok: 3

In what was the only time Pokimane couldn’t be faulted, the streamer accidentally opened a link that led to an adult website. The link was sent to the streamer by a fan in her chat, but many believed she would still get a ban from Twitch. Pokimane revealed that she only received a warning.


There cannot be a list of Twitch streamers in trouble without Felix “xQc” Lengyel. The streamer has the most well-known love-hate relationship with the Purple Platform. He’s her biggest star, but he’s also received one of the most bans from her.

xQc has received five bans from Twitch so far (Image via Sportskeeda)
xQc has received five bans from Twitch so far (Image via Sportskeeda)

xQc has received up to five bans on Twitch for various misconduct incidents. The reasons range from anger to quit the games to broadcasting the Olympics on his channel. Interestingly, xQc also received several bans from the GTA RP server for raging while playing on the server.


BadBunny earned her name as the most successful streamer on Twitch when she shamed her fans for not donating huge sums of money to her channel.

His humiliating words quickly reached the community and it was canceled on the internet. The streamer even received a ban from Twitch for the incident, but she wasn’t banned soon enough.

Twitch bans still confuse many in the community, as several streamers are receiving temporary bans despite blatant disregard for the platform’s rules and regulations. Others, on the contrary, receive permanent bans for seemingly harmless reasons.

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