A flood of drugs is the biggest threat

EDITOR – Your editorial rightly touches on the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, but is the account of its threat to become a base for global terrorism of most concern?

Is the Taliban or an obscure “ISIS-K” the main threat, or isn’t Afghanistan’s potential to increase its already massive source of dangerous drugs a greater danger to the citizens of the world?

Freezing some $ 9 billion from the Afghan central bank and foreign reserves held in the United States, ending access to World Bank and IMF funding, and withdrawing much of the funding from the Help can all help to justify the Taliban’s turning to opium drug derivatives as their source of income.

Trump’s US deal with the Taliban that secured the withdrawal did not involve his allies and remains a US state secret.

Obviously, the United States has not understood the ramifications of the sudden withdrawal, but does it expect the withholding of Taliban aid and assets to do anything other than generate an influx of drugs on? the world market?

Is their need to promote and prioritize fear of terrorism motivated more by the needs of an arms industry threatened by withdrawal from regime change wars than by the more likely threats of an influx of terrorism? opioids on the market?

Bob upstairs,


Reminder that the rights can be deselected

EDITOR – Texas sees the most extreme abortion laws in the United States come into effect. This shocking disregard for human rights and access to health care puts women’s lives at risk. Not in an abstract way, but in a real and meaningful way, right now.

However, what is also worrying is how these new laws empower individuals to sue abortion providers. This power imbalance is damaging the very fabric of humanity, allowing extremists to suppress access to safe health care.

The world is seeing reproductive rights drastically curtailed in Texas. In Ireland, we have started to take steps in the right direction – repealing the 8th Amendment has improved access to abortion services, but what is happening in Texas shows how much these steps can be. fragile.

Steps in the right direction can be tracked down and undone through a campaign of fear, hate and discrimination.

Texas is a stark reminder that reproductive choices are always the first target of those who refuse to accept bodily autonomy.

Without strong protections and comprehensive supports for those seeking abortions, what has been achieved here in Ireland remains an easy target.

It also shows the importance of promises that have been made to strengthen these rights – such as exclusion zones. We have to make sure that the forays we have made are protected and that we stand up against what is happening elsewhere in the world. Next weekend, I will be in front of the Dáil at 2 p.m. with other pro-choice supporters.

Marie Mullholland,


Patients have lost great allies

EDITOR – We are shocked, but not surprised, at the resignation of key Slainte Care staff, Professor Tom Keane, chair of the Slainte Care Implementation Advisory Board and Laura Magahy, Executive Director of Slainte Care.

Slainte Care has been the ‘hope’ for a fairer healthcare system for Irish patients, one based on fairness, safety, accountability and governed by a two-party / multi-party process. Until evidence is established to prove otherwise, these developments declare the failure, to date, of a much-touted multi-stakeholder health care reform agenda.

Current and future patients need a full explanation from government and other state agencies so that “urgent” lessons can be learned from these disturbing developments.

Irish patients have lost great allies.

Stephen McMahon,

President, Irish Patients’ Association,

Killiney, County Dublin.

What is really “barbaric”?

EDITOR – I doubt anyone who voted for the repeal in Ireland would agree with your recent writer Doris Murphy of Rebels for Choice that the Texas restriction of the abortion law to the point where the unborn child shows audible signs of humanity is “barbaric”.

Many voted to give women a choice, unrestricted by the Constitution.

But what choice do they have when the Irish State’s “care” for pregnant women in crisis and their unborn child is only abortion?

Isn’t that “barbaric” both for women and also for their unborn child?

Conchita Legorburo,

Dalkey, Co Dublin.

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