A member of the US Navy dresses up as a school mascot when he returns to ENC to surprise his father on his birthday


FARMVILLE, NC (WITN) – Friday night means football, but that wasn’t all that happened at a game in the east as a member of the US Navy who graduated from Farmville Central last year , decided to surprise her father on his birthday, whom she has not seen since Christmas.

Farmville Central took on West Carteret and U.S. Navy crypto tech and ex-Jaguar Kenya Pittman, who has been stationed in Washington state for a year now, was there, but not as a typical fan.

Pittman found out in August that she could return home to Farmville to see her parents. His first reaction was to surprise his whole family, but thought of an idea to surprise his dad James on his birthday and got a little help from the Jaguars head coach in the process.

Pittman says, “I texted the coach and the coach was like okay, maybe I can be a football player. The coach was like I had an even better one, let me be the mascot. He was cool and he said after the draw you can go ask your dad to take pictures with the baby and then take off the hat and show him who you are.

So Pittman did just that and dressed up as the Jaguar mascot to disguise herself as her father.

She approached her father with the costume and asked for a photo. He didn’t know that under the costume was his little girl.

James Pittman says: ‘I was telling my wife I knew something was up because I hadn’t heard from her in a while and I knew she was back on earth and said she was thinking of something that I just don’t know. What it was. They got me, they got me good because I had no idea and I’m telling you it’s the best birthday present in the world.

Pittman says the chance to surprise his dad was special because they grow up doing everything together. “It means a lot because I am his last child. Dad and I did everything together. We used to go to games together that’s why I decided okay what day was his birthday and it happened to be a Friday and a home game so I was like s there was no better opportunity than now to do so.

Pittman’s father says he will remember this special moment for the rest of his life.

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