A summary of the AK Party’s 20 years of government


In countries governed by democracy, parties in power gradually rise in power and then back away from it, usually at the end of their first term. For this reason, their work then becomes a note in the memories of the public. Handover means that the outgoing government hands over the reins to another party in a relatively short period of time.

Some parties have achieved dominant party status in the world, such as the Japanese Liberal Party and the British Conservative Party. After winning consecutive elections, the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) became the dominant party in Turkish politics. Since entering the political arena, the AK Party has won every election and referendum held in Turkey and has been in a position to be the most popular party or the second choice in every province of Turkey.

The sequence of events that made his party the dominant party in the country also made President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan one of the most experienced leaders in the world today. Or vice versa, all the successes mentioned above were led by Erdoğan. Being the leader of Turkey, which is on the axis of the world in terms of geopolitical position, means being among the most complicated foreign policy issues in the world. And the man who is part of these sophisticated problems is now the most experienced world leader and a master of world politics failures.

The AKP Party has concluded many groundbreaking innovations and thousands of investment projects during its 20 years at the helm of the country. This progress was the factor that kept the AK party in power for so long. But as the list of completed projects is too long to mention all at once and does not resemble the shorter lists of achievements of the short-lived ruling parties mentioned above. Every intellectual these days should spend time analyzing 20 years of the AK Party and communicating this incredible record to younger generations.

The last 20 years

• Türkiye manageable

The political scene in 2002: the financial gangs, made up of the remaining generals who organized the post-modern military coup of February 28 with the media and the pro-Western Turkish Industry and Business Circles (TÜSİAD), squandered the financial resources of the state and left the country unmanageable. By the end of the second year of the AK Party government, the votes of the Democratic Left Party (DSP), then the largest party in previous elections, had fallen to 1%. Even these data alone prove how the country’s politics and administration have been driven into bankruptcy. The AKP Party governments succeeded in lifting Turkey out of this swamp and converting it into an manageable country.

• Democratization

Military/civilian bureaucrats, businessmen who substituted imported products in their tax havens constituted by ultra-high customs duties and Turkish democracy imprisoned in the concept of NATO have acquired a remarkable vision under the governments of the AK party. Compliance with the provisions of the European Union has been very effective in the processes of democratization of civil politics in Turkey.

• Investment campaign

The AK Party governments accurately noted Turkey’s investment and service requirements and solved all the problems step by step in a very rational order. The list of improvements in transport, health, education, business conditions, energy, agriculture, logistics and freight would include thousands of items over the 20 years of the AK party. Today, Turkey can be compared to Germany in terms of infrastructure investment. This claim should be analyzed in detail and turned into a solid scientific study.

• From military supervision to civil administration

Countries defeated in World War II formed one category. Although Turkey was not part of this group, with the revolution of 1960 it was also inserted into the same league, transformed into a country where foreign powers exercised influence through military tutelage. For this reason, even if theoretically civil politics was in power, the steering wheel was in the hands of military tutelage from security to foreign policy, from the economy to public administration. It was customary to make a coup every 10 years. AK Party governments gradually increased their power and accomplished things most thought impossible, achieving revolutionary successes, tying the armed forces to the control of political power, as should be the case in democratic countries. This success is indeed the result of a fierce struggle of 60 years.

• Regional Power Türkiye

After World War I, there was a general assumption that all states in the world would be slaves to England and France until the end of the world. This belief lost its meaning after World War II. Hegemony Passed to US Hands Turkey, which has been trying to make gradual progress towards independence since its founding, has taken decisive steps towards full sovereignty under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Today, Turkey is a regional power in the economic field and has a global impact, hence the effect of a global player with its effective foreign policy.

Defense industry revolution

A good economy, a strong army, history and culture are the three pillars on which an exceptional country is based. A realization and a complete revolution have emerged in the Turkish defense industry. Today, local defense industry manufacturers supply 70% of the defense needs of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK).

However, it is not possible to sum up everything that the AK Party governments have achieved in one article.

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