A US warship glides through Plymouth Sound towards the Royal Navy docks in Devonport


A US destroyer, named after the 32nd President of the United States, entered Plymouth Sound this morning en route to Devonport Naval Dockyard.

The USS Roosevelt is just one of 69 DDG 51-class destroyers delivered to the US fleet since their creation in 1991, with 20 more under contract and 11 ships in various stages of construction.

The ship was spotted by local resident Kevin Kelway who also spotted the Italian aircraft carrier Giuseppe Garibaldi last week in the Sound alongside HMS Lancaster.

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According to US Navy descriptions, destroyers “can operate independently or as part of Carrier Strike Groups, Surface Action Groups, and Expeditionary Strike Groups.”

Equipped with up to 90 guided missiles – including long-range, all-weather, jet, Tomahawk subsonic cruise missile as well as six MK-46 torpedoes – they are capable of conducting anti-aircraft warfare, anti-submarine warfare -navy and anti – surface warfare.

Additionally, they can carry two Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System (LAMP) Mk III Seahawk helicopters which are used for anti-submarine warfare, search and rescue, anti-ship warfare and special operations.

In December 2021, the USS Roosevelt began training operations off the coast of Spain and was expected to continue training exercises for several months, in conjunction with partner nations.

According to the US Navy, the operations would be “in support of national security interests in Europe and Africa”.

By the time Cmdr. John Mastriani, Commanding Officer of the Roosevelt, said: “Now on our third patrol in the Sixth Fleet, the crew of the Roosevelt have fully adapted and met the challenges of operating on a warship capable of defending against the forward-deployed ballistic missiles.

“We have trained and improved on all fronts, and we are more ready than ever to return to sea to support any task that comes our way.”

The United States Navy noted that “The Roosevelt is one of four United States Navy destroyers based in Rota, Spain, and assigned to Commander Task Force 65 in support of the Integrated Missile Defense Architecture NATO Air Force”.

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