All Central Asian Actors Expect “Responsible” US Army Withdrawal


Photo taken on July 8, 2021 shows a military vehicle abandoned by US forces at Bagram Airfield Base after the evacuation of all US and NATO forces in Parwan province in eastern L ‘Afghanistan. Photo: Xinhua

All regional players expected a “responsible withdrawal” of US forces from Afghanistan, the head of the Pakistani military’s media wing said on Saturday.

“The responsible withdrawal was supposed to take place after a peaceful transition, but the withdrawal happened a bit hastily,” Director General of Interservice Public Relations, Major General Babar Iftikhar, told a news channel. local.

The US military is set to leave Afghanistan and the withdrawal is expected to be completed by August 31, after which all regional actors will need to sit down together and find a solution to the Afghan problem in consultation with the Afghan leadership. , he added.

The official said regional powers are “very well capable of solving the Afghan problem if we sit down together,” and that the United States was not needed.

Speaking about his country’s role in resolving the Afghan issue, Iftikhar said Pakistan is sincerely trying to help resolve the Afghan issue and is doing everything in its power to facilitate the peace process. “The Afghan peace process has many aspects where you have to understand that Pakistan was only a facilitator and not a guarantor in the process … we had to understand that this would be the Afghans own decision and not dictated by no foreign party, “he added.

The official said Pakistan had no favorites among Afghan stakeholders and decisions had to be made by the Afghans. “The Afghans have the capacity and the capacity to decide for themselves their future.”

The official said security and management of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border has been tightened and the 2,611-kilometer border has been 90% fenced while the remaining areas are either at high elevations or in glacial locations.


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