Army Corporate Marketing Office



The Army Corporate Marketing Office (AEMO) is the corporate marketing office for the United States Army. Located in the heart of Chicago, AEMO is responsible for the development, execution and analysis of national level marketing campaigns in support of the Army recruiting mission. We perform in-depth market research to continuously optimize marketing programs through testing, measurement and analysis. Collecting data across all touchpoints allows us to precisely attract the right talent for each position. We use market and accessions analysis to develop value-for-money strategies and tactics to educate the American people and motivate men and women to join all three components of the United States military. We are taking military marketing from the industrial age to the information age and beyond by modernizing the prospect journey and delivering the soldiers and leaders of tomorrow.


VISION: To make the Army the most compelling full-time or part-time lifestyle choice for the youth of our country. MISSION: To precisely engage the right talent for the U.S. military by executing the best marketing and advertising programs. Achieving the recruiting mission is our # 1 priority. We identify, nurture and deliver priority leads to our membership partners. We are a confident, collaborative and agile team and our ideas are derived from data.


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