Army Declares IOC Status for Northrop’s Infrared Countermeasures Technology


Automatic protection technology built by Northrop Grumman and installed on more than 100 US military aircraft has reached initial operational capability.

The IOC designation of the common infrared countermeasures system covered installation and training efforts at multiple facilities, the Army’s Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors Program Executive Office said Monday.

The CIRCM is designed to protect various types of aircraft against missile threats using laser energy, can interface with missile warning systems, and utilizes a pointing and tracking system designed to identify and counter threats incoming missiles.

“The system is a key enabler for Army Force 2030 multi-domain operations and it marks an important step in modernizing the Army by fielding a critical capability that protects aircrews and aircraft. of the U.S. Army against MANPAD threats in a contested environment,” said Lt. Colonel Adrian Watts, product manager for infrared countermeasures.

In May 2021, Northrop received a $959.1 million contract from the Army to build the CIRCM after the service branch cleared the system for full-rate production after six months of initial operational testing and work. devaluation.

The CIRCM uses a modular and open systems architecture to allow the military to add enhancements and advancements to the system in the future.


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