ASIA / MIDDLE EAST – The Middle East Council of Churches invites to join in the region’s consecration to the Holy Family: our land “attracts” wars, let us ask the Savior for help


ASIA / MIDDLE EAST – The Middle East Council of Churches invites to join in the region’s consecration to the Holy Family: our land “attracts” wars, let us ask the Savior for help

Beirut (Agenzia Fides) – The Middle East has become an optimal geopolitical space for triggering “proxy wars” which turn into a kind of “revolving massacre” for local populations, victims of conflicts “which end in one place. to ignite another ‘in the Middle East region. An uninterrupted flow of pain, mourning and misery fueled by the same model of modern development, with its insatiable need to foment new conflicts to keep the performance of the arms industry at a high level that fosters technological globalization . In the face of these scenarios, the most realistic option is to “turn to the Savior”, recognizing that “only the mercy of God, the Creator, can save us”. It is the perspective and judgment on events in the Middle East that prompted the Middle East Council of Churches (MCCC) to appeal to invite all people in the region, Christians and non-Christians alike, to join the initiative promoted by the Catholic Churches present in the region which, tomorrow Sunday, June 27, will celebrate the first day of peace for the East and will consecrate the Middle East to the Holy Family of Nazareth (see Fides, 25 / 6/2021).
The Greek Orthodox Christian Michel Abs, current secretary general of the MECC, draws on the unprecedented initiative of the Catholic Churches of the Middle East to offer a severe and realistic analysis of the real roots of the conflicts which have torn this part of the country for decades. the world apart, relentlessly sowing death and destruction among defenseless populations. “War – emphasizes economist Abs – is dear to modern society, the industrial society, the ‘If there had not been destruction, you would not have lived in production’ society. : that is, we destroy your society and then we rebuild it and you charge, national debt, incomplete sovereignty, dependence and even slavery. “Tech society – urges MECC general secretary” only lives on war ” , but the sage is in the one who takes the lesson to be learned and takes war away from his own society by transforming it into foolish and divided societies. its arms and munitions factories, in addition to the factories of products that the war destroyed, ranging from infrastructure equipment to household furniture “. The wars continue Michel Abs “take place today by intermediaries”, and those who need this state of continuous war do not hesitate to destabilize the countries even by inventing “accusations of nuclear or chemical production so that it invade it, destroy its stability, then apologize to its people and a million or more victims. ” In the Middle East – insists the MECC secretary’s message – “wars end in one place and ignite in another” in what is defined as “revolving slaughter”. And this because “our geographical location makes us an attractive place for wars, and so too are our resources.”
Because we have been subjected to frequent destabilizations, catastrophes, and disasters, often fictitious – notes Michel Abs in the last part of his speech – we have become convinced “that only the mercy of God, the Creator, can save us. more capable of slowing down or controlling, we must therefore turn to the Savior “, because” the artificial solutions have been exhausted “(GV) (Agenzia Fides, 6/26/2021)



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