Blountstown football team completes tough Army Warrior Athlete Challenge program


BLOUNTSTOWN, Fla. (WMBB) – The Blountstown football team want to be the best this season and are doing everything they can to make it a reality, even if it means getting the U.S. military involved.

The Tigers took part in the Army Warrior Athlete Challenge program on Monday morning, the first team in Florida to do so.

Tigers head coach Beau Johnson said organizers reached out to him on Twitter and when he saw what it was they knew they had to stop at Blountstown.

“To win a state championship in Class A football you have to be more than good, you have to be special and we hope that will really lift us up in 2021 with a really special squad,” Johnson said.

The program was created by US Army Staff Sergeant William Davis, who wanted to give back to the community but also identify good recruits for the US Army.

He brought the intense training to different teams in the South East, but absolutely wanted to bring it to Florida and especially Calhoun County due to his special connection to the region.

“In 2004 my grandpa, he lived here in Blountstown and he took me, he came to every home game and they got to the state championship and he took me to the state championship. in Gainesville, ”Davis said.

Davis wants them to win another state title and he believes his specialist training can help the Tigers achieve that goal.

The team underwent a series of tough drills throughout the day, such as lifting 50-pound ammo boxes, backpacks and water cans, carrying teammates on stretchers, and even playing games. challenging tug of war games.

The goal of the day is not only to test their mental and physical strength, but also to make them work as a team.

“It’s what it is because you never know on the pitch, someone falls, someone has to step in and go straight into there. It’s just a good way to correlate the military with football and any sport, ”Davis said.

It was certainly not an easy workout. In fact, many players have said it is one of the hardest things they’ve ever had to do on the pitch.

“For me the hardest part was warming up because we kept messing up the push-ups and sit-ups having to sprint on the court and do it again, do it again, but we finally got it,” he said. Blountstown football player Kaiden Hatchett said.

The Tigers all agreed at the end that by doing it together they’re ready to take on any challenge on the pitch this season.

“It brought us closer together, so how we play in Madison County, they’re bigger, stronger, have more kids, but like we did today we can fight anything,” he said. Blountstown football player Yanti Miller said.

The program also works with Mosley football on Tuesday.


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