Captain America forgot everything he learned during the Civil War


Captain America faces biggest superhero rights challenge since the Civil War, and he’s already making the same mistakes

Warning: Spoilers for The devil’s reign # 1 Forward!

by marvel Captain America found himself in yet another superhero rights fight, and he already seems ready to make some old mistakes. As Mayor of New York, Wilson Fisk, the former Central pivot, plays his game for a stranglehold on power in the city, he takes steps to ban superheroes. While Marvel’s heroes have universally criticized Fisk’s pressure to criminalize the use of superhuman powers, Captain America is already ready to take up arms against the government – a move he deeply regretted there was. not that long.

Captain America has already faced a similar challenge: the 2007 Civil war The Mark Millar and Steve McNiven crossover event pitted heroes against each other over the Super-Human Registration Act, which required American superheroes to register their secret identities with the government. Cap immediately opposed the new law, leading a team of heroes against Iron Man and his pro-recording team. The conflict led to several battles in crowded streets which put countless citizens at risk, influencing the public in favor of the registration. It took the destruction of New York and the plea of ​​first responders to stop Cap from killing Iron Man and continuing the war. Realizing the harm he had caused by taking up arms, he surrendered, choosing to wage the battle in a public debate instead of a city-wide battlefield.


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Now Captain America faces the threat of discrimination from superheroes again, and despite the events of Civil war, he has already declared himself ready to take up arms against the government. In the first issue of Reign of the devil, a new crossover miniseries from Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto, Mayor Wilson Fisk has declared that anyone caught using superhuman abilities or committing acts of vigilance will be “charged with threat.” Heroes across town, including Tony Stark, immediately took issue with Fisk’s statement, but Steve Rogers has been very clear about his intentions: He won’t give in, no matter what the consequences.

Captain America's Devil's Reign

Captain America is by no means the only hero willing to do battle with Fisk and his anti-hero forces. Luke Cage, a key voice in Civil warresponded even more aggressively, brawling with Shocker and the police in the middle of a crowded street, before telling a crowd of cameras he was planning to retaliate. Stark takes a different approach, deciding that he will run against Fisk for mayor. All of New York’s heroes should land in opposition to the new law, so it’s easy to forgive Cap for taking such an aggressive stance against the Fisk regime, but he doesn’t seem to be learning any lessons from his past lessons. Ultimately, if Cap and other heroes take to the streets to fight Fisk and his forces, they will put civilians at risk and strengthen Kingpin’s argument.

It remains to be seen how far Cap Extreme will go in this battle against super-discrimination. He can take a route like Stark’s, in search of a legal and legitimate way to defeat Fisk. But for now, Steve Rogers has made it clear he’s going to fight. If the fight against Central pivot is something like his battles with Iron Man during Civil war, Captain America is going to have to relearn a very hard lesson.

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