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EDITOR – Your editorial rightly touches on the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, but is the account of its threat to become a base for global terrorism of most concern?

Is the Taliban or an obscure “ISIS-K” the main threat, or isn’t Afghanistan’s potential to increase its already massive source of dangerous drugs a greater danger to the citizens of the world?

Freezing some $ 9 billion from the Afghan central bank and foreign reserves held in the United States, ending access to World Bank and IMF funding, and withdrawing much of the funding from the Help can all help to justify the Taliban’s turning to opium drug derivatives as their source of income.

Trump’s US deal with the Taliban that secured the withdrawal did not involve his allies and remains a US state secret.

Obviously, the United States has not understood the ramifications of the sudden withdrawal, but does it expect the withholding of Taliban aid and assets to do anything other than generate an influx of drugs on? the world market?

Is their need to promote and prioritize fear of terrorism motivated more by the needs of an arms industry threatened by withdrawal from regime change wars than by the more likely threats of an influx of terrorism? opioids on the market?

Bob upstairs,


Reminder that the rights can be deselected

EDITOR – Texas sees the most extreme abortion laws in the United States come into effect. This shocking disregard for human rights and access to health care puts women’s lives at risk. Not in an abstract way, but in a real and meaningful way, right now.

However, what is also worrying is how these new laws empower individuals to sue abortion providers. This power imbalance is damaging the very fabric of humanity, allowing extremists to suppress access to safe health care.

The world is seeing reproductive rights drastically curtailed in Texas. In Ireland, we have started to take steps in the right direction – repealing the 8th Amendment has improved access to abortion services, but what is happening in Texas shows how much these steps can be. fragile.

Steps in the right direction can be tracked down and undone through a campaign of fear, hate and discrimination.

Texas is a stark reminder that reproductive choices are always the first target of those who refuse to accept bodily autonomy.

Without strong protections and comprehensive supports for those seeking abortions, what has been achieved here in Ireland remains an easy target.

It also shows the importance of promises that have been made to strengthen these rights – such as exclusion zones. We have to make sure that the forays we have made are protected and that we stand up against what is happening elsewhere in the world. Next weekend, I will be in front of the Dáil at 2 p.m. with other pro-choice supporters.

Marie Mullholland,


Patients have lost great allies

EDITOR – We are shocked, but not surprised, at the resignation of key Slainte Care staff, Professor Tom Keane, chair of the Slainte Care Implementation Advisory Board and Laura Magahy, Executive Director of Slainte Care.

Slainte Care has been the ‘hope’ for a fairer healthcare system for Irish patients, one based on fairness, safety, accountability and governed by a two-party / multi-party process. Until evidence is established to prove otherwise, these developments declare the failure, to date, of a much-touted multi-stakeholder health care reform agenda.

Current and future patients need a full explanation from government and other state agencies so that “urgent” lessons can be learned from these disturbing developments.

Irish patients have lost great allies.

Stephen McMahon,

President, Irish Patients’ Association,

Killiney, County Dublin.

What is really “barbaric”?

EDITOR – I doubt anyone who voted for the repeal in Ireland would agree with your recent writer Doris Murphy of Rebels for Choice that the Texas restriction of the abortion law to the point where the unborn child shows audible signs of humanity is “barbaric”.

Many voted to give women a choice, unrestricted by the Constitution.

But what choice do they have when the Irish State’s “care” for pregnant women in crisis and their unborn child is only abortion?

Isn’t that “barbaric” both for women and also for their unborn child?

Conchita Legorburo,

Dalkey, Co Dublin.

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Why France has just withdrawn its ambassadors from the United States and Australia Fri, 17 Sep 2021 21:47:04 +0000

It’s hard to overstate the blow to France, and France’s anger, of the torpedoed submarine deal. France reacted with outrage on Thursday to announcements that the United States and Britain would help Australia develop submarines and that Australia was pulling out of a $ 66 billion deal to buy pennies. -ships of French construction.

France has suffered a hard blow. Its sophisticated defense industry cannot survive on domestic sales alone. In 2015-1019, France made a huge 72% gain in arms sales, fueled in part by sales of submarines to India and Brazil like what it just lost to the ‘Australia. But France’s arms sales abroad fell in 2020, largely due to the global health crisis. France has a vital role in global policing, particularly in the former French Northwest Africa, which the United States largely leaves to French forces. Without arms sales, the French military-industrial partnership has less power to make such an African police force.

The United States consistently demonstrates the importance of arms sales abroad, including naval sales. In February 2020, Trump demonstrated this with a trip to India to announce a $ 3.5 billion sale of mostly Seahawk naval helicopters. U.S. gunmakers tout overseas sales both for their own bottom line and for foreign influence, especially at a time when nation-building funding is somewhere between controversial and impossible. .

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Experts say China’s trade sanctions on AUKUS deal unlikely, but point to long-term concerns Fri, 17 Sep 2021 08:14:33 +0000

China’s scathing reaction to Australia’s nuclear submarine deal is unlikely to translate into short-term trade sanctions, experts say.

A day after Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom unveiled a new trilateral security partnership called AUKUS, China lambasted the alliance, calling it an “extremely irresponsible” threat that “seriously undermines the peace. and regional stability and intensifies the arms race ”.

This is the latest incident in a deteriorating relationship between Australia and its largest trading partner.

Previous tensions have led China to impose trade restrictions and sanctions on industries such as lobster, barley, wine and beef.

Dr Jeffrey Wilson said China was unlikely to respond with trade sanctions.(

ABC News: James Carmody


Perth US-Asia Center research director Dr Jeffrey Wilson said the latest spat was unlikely to lead to further action.

“Most of the ammunition has already been fired [because] China has applied trade sanctions to almost all of Australia’s major exports where it can, ”he said.

“In many [impacted] industries, especially here in Western Australia, trade is effectively suspended [so] it’s not likely to be much worse than that. “

Collins class submarines HMAS Dechaineux, HMAS Waller and HMAS Sheean
Australia’s Collins-class submarines are aging and in need of replacement. (

Automatic document feeder


Other potential sanctions targets could include international students and tourism, Dr Wilson said, but iron ore was probably not on the table just yet.

“The trade in iron ore (…) has not been affected largely due to its systemic importance to China,” he said.

“It would require an extraordinarily bad deterioration in relations – down to a ‘on the brink of war’ type scenario – before that starts to change.”


Repairing relationships won’t be easy

China’s previous trade sanctions were mainly in response to unilateral decisions, such as pressure from Australia for an independent investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

Lowy Institute China expert Natasha Kassam said this time there is strength in unity.

“China will hesitate to single out any of these [AUKUS] partners for reprisals and therefore maybe he will hold his own until another unilateral decision, “she said.

Potential future problems in Australia-China relations could include the upcoming review of Chinese ownership of Darwin’s port.

China would also be angry if the new powers of the Commonwealth were used to shut down Confucius Institutes at Australian universities.

Meanwhile, Ms Kassam said there was little Australia could do to mend the icy relationship.

“Australia looks like it only responded to China’s coercive actions, but it is clearly not in the interests of both countries to have this level of animosity.”

This was in part because while Australia’s iron ore industry seemed untouchable at the moment, it wouldn’t be forever, Ms Kassam said.

A salvager at Fortescue's Port Hedland facility picks up and mixes iron ore from a large pile.
Experts say China is looking to wean itself off Australian iron ore in the long term.(

ABC News: Rachel Pupazzoni


“It is very clear that Beijing is planning to wean itself off from iron ore in the long term,” she said.

“There is very little incentive from Beijing to try to improve the relationship.”

The future development of Chinese demand for iron ore is not the only issue affecting the future of the Australian economy.

“Much of Australia’s coal and gas exports go to countries that have set net zero [targets] for 2050 or 2060, ”Ms. Kassam said.

“The iron ore industry needs to worry about China as a market, but it also needs to worry about climate change, carbon taxes and other restrictions.

“Ultimately, a sustainable approach will require significant changes in Australia and China is only part of that story.”

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Telecom Relief LIVE Updates: 100% FDI authorized under the automatic route, moratorium approved for 4 years on telecommunications contributions Wed, 15 Sep 2021 12:24:00 +0000

!1 new updateClick here for the latest updates

Tata Sons chairman rules out management overhaul

Tata Sons chairman rules out management overhaul

Tata Sons chairman rules out management overhaul

Center to resume tourist visas after 1.5 year suspension due to Covid

SpiceJet Chairman Ajay Singh submitted bid for Air India

Reports AND now

DIPAM Secretary Says Receiving Financial Offers For Air India Purchase

Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs declares Kushinagar Airport as notified airport by Customs

This would also facilitate the international movement of passengers including that of Buddhist pilgrims: Ministry of Finance

UN calls for “moratorium” on AI systems that threaten rights

We have ensured the ease of doing business; global investors now receive a welcome on the red carpet instead of the red carpet

– Minister of Defense Rajnath Singh

The US and Indian defense industries have many opportunities for co-production and co-development of equipment

– Rajnath Singh

Tata Sons has submitted financial offers for Air India, ET NOW reports citing sources

BJP MP Arjun Singh Gets “Z” Category Security

The CISF has been responsible for ensuring the safety of the leader since Tuesday. The Interior Ministry issued the order on September 13.

Government braces for ‘dynamic growth’ throughout decade: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh

Iran resumes regular flights to Kabul (state media)

British Prime Minister to reshuffle cabinet later Wednesday: source

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Virtually Inaugurates “Pepsico India’s Largest Green Food Manufacturing Plant” in Lucknow

The people at BJP-RSS say they are Hindus. During the last 100-200 years, Mahatma Gandhi is the person who understood the Hindu religion and practiced it. We recognize it and the folks at BJP & RSS too

– Congress President Rahul Gandhi

On average, 77 cases of rape reported daily in India in 2020, for a total of 28,046 such incidents during the year

3,71,503 cases of crimes against women reported nationwide last year, up from 4,05,326 in 2019 and 3,786,236 in 2018: NCRB data

The Tax Department investigates Bollywood actor Sonu Sood

An investigation is being carried out by the investigative wing of the Mumbai and Lucknow IT department, ET Bureau reports.

India reported an average of 80 murders per day in 2020, totaling 29,193 deaths during the year

UP Takes Top Rank Among States, According To Latest Data From National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is helplessly held hostage by Pakistan

– India at the UN Human Rights Council

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) lacks the capacity to comment on India’s internal affairs

– India at the UN Human Rights Council

India, as not only the largest democracy in the world but also a solidly vibrant democracy, does not need lessons from a failed state like Pakistan

– India at UNHRC

A joint team of Delhi Police and IB officials have started questioning the six terrorist suspects, who were arrested yesterday, at the special cell office.

A Delhi court sent them into custody 14 days earlier today.

Coronavirus pandemic, subsequent lockdown led to a drop in crimes like theft, robbery and assaults on women and children in 2020

But there has been a drastic increase in disobedience to government orders, mostly due to violations of COVID-19 standards: NCRB data

Thousands of women and girls from minority communities victims of kidnappings, forced marriages and conversions in Pakistan

– India at UNHRC

Pakistan openly supports and funds terrorists, including those banned by the UN, as part of state policy

– India at the UN Human Rights Council

Emergency plan for the telecoms sector: key points

  • Rationalized AGR definition
  • Lower license fees
  • Authorized spectrum sharing
  • No spectrum sharing fees
  • 100% FDI authorized via the automatic route
  • Auction calendar created
  • Annual composition instead of monthly composition

“Booster for the manufacture of drones”

Indian Premier League organizers say limited spectators will be allowed into stadiums when tournament resumes in the United Arab Emirates on Sunday

The Union Cabinet approved the PLI program of Rs 26,058 crore for the automotive industry, automotive components and drones

For future auctions, the spectrum duration will be 30 years instead of 20 years. Also, if someone takes the spectrum and the business terms / technology changes, after a 10 year lockdown period, it can be returned by paying a spectrum fee: Ashwini Vaishnaw, Minister of Communications

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

“We reviewed the rapid progress of the India-Australia comprehensive strategic partnership, including the recent 2 + 2 dialogue. We exchanged perspectives on regional developments and the upcoming Quad meeting,” the Prime Minister said.

Sensex posts 476.11 points to complete a new lifetime high of 58,723.20; Nifty wins 139.45 points to register 17,519.45

Indian Premier League organizers have said a limited number of spectators will be allowed into the stadiums when the tournament resumes in the United Arab Emirates on Sunday.

PM made a bold decision on AGR (Adjusted Gross Income) today. A decision was taken to streamline the definition of AGR. All non-telecom revenues will be withdrawn from the AGR.

– Ashwini Vaishnaw, Minister of Communications

It has become the habit of Pakistan to abuse the platforms provided by the Council to spread its false and malicious propaganda against our country.

– Response of India to the 48th session of the Human Rights Council

Telecom Minister Says Cabinet Streamlines AGR Definition and Excludes Telecoms Operators Non-Telecom Revenues from Payments of Compulsory Levies

The Cabinet authorizes 100 pc of FDI in the telecommunications sector with guarantees: Minister of Telecoms

Telecom Minister Says Cabinet Approves 9 Structural Reforms; rationalized spectrum charges

4-year moratorium approved for the telecommunications sector

Those who benefit will have to pay interest on the moratorium amount (at the lending rate based on the marginal cost of funds, i.e. MCLR + 2%)

The automotive industry contributes 35% of the country’s manufacturing GDP. It is a leading sector in job creation. If we are talking about global auto trade, then we must increase India’s participation: Union Minister Anurag Thakur

No explosives or weapons were recovered from Jaan Mohammed. Delhi Police and Mumbai Police will exchange information on this matter. Our team is heading to Delhi today.

– Maharashtra ATS Chef Vineet Agarwal in Mumbai

The PLI scheme has a budget provision of Rs 26,058 crores – Rs 25,938 crores for the automotive sector and Rs 120 crores for the drone industry.

– Union Minister Anurag Thakur

Six terrorists arrested

The Delhi police special cell arrested 6 terrorists. Of the 6 people arrested yesterday, one is from Dharavi, Mumbai. He had ties to Company D. He was arrested in Kota while traveling on a train to Delhi: Maharashtra ATS Chief Vineet Agarwal

The government has approved a production-related incentive program for the automotive industry, auto components industry and drone industry to enhance India’s manufacturing capabilities.

– Union Minister Anurag Thakur

Prime Minister Modi will inaugurate the defense office complexes in Delhi, Kasturba Gandhi Marg and Africa Avenue on September 16. He will also interact with army, navy, air force and civilian officers: PMO

The state government is taking no action against fake IDs on social media by trying to spread community issues. The Sangh (RSS) is developing a program in Kerala to divide the 2 minority communities – Muslims and Christians: VD Satheesan, leader of the opposition, Kerala

Weapons and explosives recovered from suspected terrorists arrested by Delhi Special Police appear to be similar to explosives dropped by drone at the Indo-Pakistan border in Amritsar on August 9: sources

The Delhi government generated 41% less revenue last year due to COVID-19.

– Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia

Indian law firms hesitate to give their opinion on the IPO of insurance giant LIC

Delhi Police Arrest Balbir, aka Billa, 67, Another Defendant in the Death Case of Former Jammu and Kashmir Trilochan Singh Wazir: Delhi Police

West Bengal: Bhabanipur constituency returning officer sends notice to BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal, asking her to respond to why permission for her other gatherings should not be interrupted. She has to file a response before 5 o’clock today.

The notice cites a violation of the model code of conduct and COVID protocols by them on the day they applied, September 13.

The Delhi High Court is reserving its order on the bail application of Preet Singh, the main organizer, in connection with inflammatory slogans near Jantar Mantar.

Sputnik V Demonstrates 97.2% Efficiency And High Safety Profile Against COVID During Belarus Vaccination Campaign

The Russian Direct Investment Fund announces actual data from the Belarusian Ministry of Health on the Russian vaccine Sputnik V confirming its high effectiveness during the vaccination campaign in the country. It has demonstrated 97.2% effectiveness against COVID in Belarus: Russian Direct Investment Fund

Small plane crashes in Indonesian Papua; crew search

  • Small cargo plane crashed in rugged mountain forest in Indonesia’s easternmost Papua province
  • Authorities confirmed after aerial search located lost Rimbun Air plane
  • A search and rescue team moved into the area to try to determine the conditions of the three crew members of the aircraft

Restrictions and relaxations extended in West Bengal until September 30

Cabinet Authorizes Production Incentives (PLIs) for Automotive Sector

India plans to resume vaccine exports soon, focus on Africa: Source

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From Afghanistan to Saudi Arabia – Time to End Britain’s Deadly Arms Trafficking Sat, 11 Sep 2021 07:54:52 +0000

Politics has its cycles, not just elections, but events that recur over and over again. But that doesn’t make it repetitive.

No event happens twice in the same political environment, and this is evidenced by the circumstances in which I join again this year the protests against the arms fairs, in Liverpool (today-Saturday) and London (tomorrow -Sunday).

This year’s fairs begin against the backdrop of the collapse of the West-backed regime in Afghanistan, where the Taliban have taken control not only of the government and the plight of 38 million people, but also of huge masses of people. weapons manufactured and supplied by the West.

Over £ 150bn of UK-made weapons have been cleared for export to Afghanistan as of 2008, of which the vast majority, we can assume, have been delivered. This is in addition to the 2,000 U.S.-made armored vehicles, 40 military aircraft, including Black Hawk helicopters, and the uncertain number of high-tech military drones now believed to be in the hands of the Taliban, as well as ‘to huge quantities of more “mundane” weapons, from night vision goggles to 600,000 infantry weapons, including M16 assault rifles, for a total of $ 28 billion.

There is no doubt that some of them at the cutting edge of technology will be little more than trophies without tech support, but most of them will be usable and used in Afghanistan or elsewhere.

The argument that shipping masses of weapons into a world awash with weapons can be brought home with new power. That our security is threatened by these weapons is now blindingly horrific evidence.

It’s a reminder that while governments like to make it seem like the only problem with arms sales is a small number of shady and clandestine deals. In fact, the vast majority of arms sales to regimes that violate human rights are not only legal, but actively promoted by the government, especially our own.

Between 2011-2020, the UK authorized £ 16.8 billion in arms sales to countries classified as “non-free” because of their human rights record.

At the top of the table of dishonor are arms sales to Saudi Arabia, one of the worst regimes in the world flouting human rights, and a supporter of a brutal bombing campaign in Yemen that has killed more of 8,000 civilians and is one of the main drivers of a humanitarian crisis. crisis of heartbreaking proportions.

Since the bombing began, the published value of UK arms export licenses has been £ 6.8 billion. Sales through the opaque open license system undoubtedly increase that figure tremendously – the Campaign Against the Arms Trade estimates at least £ 18 billion.

The Saudi regime will fall. Such regimes always fall – like the Shah of Iran, Colonel Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein in Iraq – all figures that we have sometimes armed, and in the majority of cases then overthrown, with very unstable results.

The other major change in the international climate around these fairs is the climate – the now terribly and tragically evident state of emergency of our natural systems, an action against which the UK has a unique responsibility as chairman of the COP26 talks.

This is something that is recognized in the Integrated Security, Defense, Development and Policy Review released earlier this year. Much of that is now obsolete, in a world in which it’s blindingly clear that President Biden’s foreign policy is less different from President Trump’s than many thought, at least in his “America First” leanings. But what remains painfully, obviously relevant, is the urgency of the declaration that “Her Majesty’s government will make the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss its number one international priority”.

This is totally incompatible with continuing to be one of the world leaders in arms sales. As the Early Day Motion put forward by Green MP Caroline Lucas puts it, there is an “inherent conflict between the government’s promotion of military exports and both its stated desire to help protect human rights at the same time. foreign and climate emergency demanding unprecedented international cooperation as a priority. ”It is a shame that only 10 MPs have now signed – please ask your MP to sign.

The two issues are linked not only because endangering security by shipping new weapons to a world teeming with them prevents states from taking climate action. Or because government money meant to support the arms trade could be spent on essential climate action – especially in the Global South, programs hit hard by the government’s failure to keep its election promise to international development aid.

But also because of the human resources used in the production of weapons – including the hideous and unusable weapons of mass destruction that are nuclear weapons – which could and should be devoted to the development and production of the technologies and tools that we use. need to face the climate emergency. and the crisis of nature.

Traditionally, many – including the Labor Party – have defended the arms industry on the basis of job creation. It never added – but now looks even more indefensible and obsolete.

We are seeing labor shortages and skills shortages across the UK economy, particularly in engineering. We cannot afford to employ skilled and capable people, from engineers and machinists to truck drivers, in industries we don’t need – which actively undermine our safety, our future. They must be redeployed towards the pressing problems of today.

It’s swords updated in plowshares: from torpedoes to tidal turbines, rifles to renewable energies, submarines to solar.

Image credit: Alisdaire Hickson – Creative Commons

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Emerging Opportunities for Robotic Arms in Manufacturing, 2021 Report – | Business Wed, 08 Sep 2021 10:03:41 +0000

DUBLIN – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Sep 8, 2021–

The “Emerging Opportunities for Robotic Arms in Manufacturing” report has been added to the offering.

A robotic arm is a programmable mechanical arm that consists of actuators placed at the joints to enable different functions and handle varying payloads, much like the human arm works.

Some common activities performed by robotic arms include: picking and placing, sorting, welding, screwing, machine maintenance, painting and injection molding.

In general, robotic arms are considered “industrial robots” and perform repetitive and dangerous processes; they perform certain tasks faster and more efficiently than humans and are designed to be performed with greater precision.

The automotive industry has seen the greatest volume of adoption as several manufacturers use robots to perform welding, pick and place, material handling and machine maintenance applications. However, the need for manufacturing automation to meet mass production and customer demands and to reduce worker pressure has triggered the adoption of robotic arms in other industries, such as healthcare and oil and gas.

Collaborative robots, or cobots, are a subset of industrial robotic arms that are however better equipped (integrated with sophisticated vision technology, sensors and artificial intelligence [AI]) to perform precise handling of materials, such as working with semiconductors.

Robotic arm value chain analysis shows 3 main areas of interest for robotic original equipment manufacturers: cost reduction, product differentiation and after-sales service to enable efficient reach of clients. OEMs of robotic solutions use different modes of channel partners to develop low cost robotic tools.

Key Questions Answered in the Technology and Innovation Study

  • What is robotic arm technology?
  • What is the application landscape of robotic arm technology and the different industry verticals where it is applicable?
  • What are the influencing factors that generate opportunities for robotic arms?
  • What are the technological capabilities of robotic arms?
  • What are the best practices in the industry?
  • What does the analysis of the IP and value chain scenario reveal?
  • What are the growth opportunities and critical success factors for this technology?

Main topics covered:

1.0 Strategic imperatives

1.1 Why is it more and more difficult to develop? The strategic imperative: the factors of pressure on growth

1.2 The strategic imperative

1.3 The impact of the three main strategic imperatives on robotic arms in manufacturing

1.4 About the Growth Pipeline Engine

1.5 Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine

2.0 Analysis of growth opportunities

2.1 Scope of research in technology and innovation

2.2 Research methodology

2.3 Research process and methodology

2.4 Main findings

3.0 Robotic arms, technological landscape

3.1 Robotic arms, technology overview

3.2 Industrial applications based on the type of robotic arm

3.3 Industrial applications of robot arms

3.4 Other applications of industrial robots include gluing, welding and cutting

3.5 Robotic arm architecture: Sensors and end effectors facilitate transparent robotic operation

3.6 Activation of sensor technologies working in collaboration with robotic arms

3.7 Manufacturing industries and applications impacted by industrial robotics

3.8 Recent research indicates advances in AI will enable a new generation of robotic arms

4.0 Implementation scenario

4.1 Use case 1: Zippertubing, US and Universal Robots, Denmark

4.2 Use case 2: Ford, USA and Universal Robots, Denmark

4.3 Use case 3: MAGNA Presstec, Austria and KUKA, Germany

4.4 Use case 4: Absolicon, Sweden and ABB, Switzerland

5.0 Factors Influencing the Adoption of Robotic Arms

5.1 Factors driving technology development and adoption: increased throughput and flexibility of production

5.2 Factors impeding technology development and adoption: lack of standardization of interoperability

6.0 Assessment of Industry Best Practices, Patent Trends and Value Chain Analysis

6.1 Car manufacturers are expanding the use of robotic arms in their factories

6.2 Strategic alliances make it possible to reach better customers

6.3 Collaborative robots with advanced controllers and higher payloads enable precise operations

6.4 Patent evaluation of robotic arms

6.5 Patent filing shows potential application for robotic arms beyond manufacturing

6.6 Robotic Arm Value Chain Analysis Indicates Robot Manufacturers Are Choosing Different Paths to Market

7.0 Businesses in action

7.1 ABB, Switzerland

7.1.1 Collaborative robot with two arms

7.2 KUKA, Germany

7.2.1 The collaborative robotic arm provides medical assistance

7.3 FANUC, Japan

7.3.1 The collaborative robotic arm allows the assembly and maintenance of the machine

7.4 Yaskawa Motoman, United States

7.4.1 The collaborative robotic arm allows the inspection of electronics

7.5 Flexiv, United States

7.5.1 Adaptive robotic arm leads to the next generation of cobots

8.0 Impact of COVID-19

8.1 Adoption of collaborative robots creates flexible manufacturing lines

8.2 Cobots transform the manufacturing floor to facilitate the mass production of fans

8.3 Universal Robots provides cobots to enable resilience of industrial sites by adapting to the dynamic COVID-19 scenario

9.0 Growth opportunities

9.1 Growth opportunity 1: New product launches enable adoption by SMEs

9.2 Growth opportunity 2: IP scenario largely driven by advancements in navigation, location and mapping

9.3 Growth Opportunity 3: Distribution Channel Optimization for Better Reach of Robotics OEMs

10.0 Key contacts

11.0 Next steps

Companies mentioned

  • Flexiv
  • Motoman Yaskawa
  • KUKA
  • ABB

For more information on this report, visit

See the source version on


Laura Wood, Senior Press Director

For EST office hours, call 1-917-300-0470

For USA / CAN call toll free 1-800-526-8630

For GMT office hours, call + 353-1-416-8900



SOURCE: Research and markets

Copyright Business Wire 2021.

PUB: 08/09/2021 06:03 AM / DISC: 08/09/2021 06:03 AM

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Taiwan report warns Chinese to cripple island defenses during war Sat, 04 Sep 2021 03:13:00 +0000

TAIPEI, Taiwan: A report released by the Taiwanese Defense Ministry claims that the Chinese armed forces can “cripple” Taiwan’s defenses and are able to fully monitor Taiwanese military deployments.

Beijing recently stepped up military activities around the island, which it described as Chinese territory. Moreover, China has always made it clear that it will take Taiwan back by force.

In this year’s annual report to parliament on the state of the Chinese military, Taiwan’s defense ministry presented a darker view than last year, when the report said China was not yet ready to invade Taiwan.

The new Taiwanese report says China could carry out what it calls “soft and hard electronic attacks,” including blocking communications through the western part of the first island chain, the string of islands that stretches from the Japanese archipelago, through Taiwan and to the Philippines.

China “may join forces with its Internet army to launch wired and wireless attacks against the global Internet, which would initially cripple our air defenses, sea command and counterattack system capabilities, presenting a huge threat to us, ”the report notes.

China has also developed its own GPS system, allowing it to improve its reconnaissance capabilities, the ministry added.

Using its own GPS, Beijing could monitor movements around Taiwan, aided by China’s regular use of its own spy planes, drones and intelligence ships, he said.

It is worth noting that this year’s report, like last year, indicates that China still lacks transport and logistical support capabilities for a large-scale invasion. Yet the Taiwanese have said the Chinese military is working to strengthen these capabilities.

Taiwan has also warned that with its precision missiles, the Chinese can strike anywhere on the island and are able to “cripple” Taiwan’s military command centers and the combat capability of its naval and air forces.

In addition, the Taiwanese said, with the deployment of medium and long-range missiles and more exercises involving its aircraft carriers, China is trying to be in place to delay “foreign military intervention” in an attack on it. Taiwan, the ministry said.

President Tsai Ing-wen has made expanding Taiwan’s defenses a priority, increasing the capacity of its national defense industry and purchasing more equipment from the United States, the island’s main arms supplier. and international funder.

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Government policies will help domestic industry become world-class players in shipbuilding: Rajnath Singh Sat, 28 Aug 2021 07:00:36 +0000

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh in Chennai (Photo / ANI)

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], Aug. 28 (ANI): Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said on Saturday that the country has a great opportunity to become an indigenous shipbuilding hub and that the government has introduced policies that will help the domestic industry to become world-class actors.

Speaking at the ceremony in Chennai today for the commissioning of the Indian Coast Guard vessel Vigraha, the Defense Minister said: to reach 2.1 trillion US dollars. Most countries don’t even have this level of budget for a whole year! “

“In such a situation, we now have great latitude to fully utilize our capabilities, leverage policies and move forward towards transforming the country into an indigenous shipbuilding hub. I am happy to say that given these possibilities, the government has already brought in such policies which help our national industry, whether they are public or private sector entities, to become world class players ”, said the minister.

Singh added, “Today, as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of our independence, we pledge to move forward to fulfill the dreams of our national heroes and ancestors, the great men.”

“The” ALH “manufactured by HAL can also be used on this vessel. I see this as a symbol of how the government, the coast guard and the public and private sectors can together protect the integrity and sovereignty of this vessel. country. Friends, the journey that started from ‘Vikram’ between the MoD, Coast Guard and L&T reached ‘Vigraha’ today via ‘Vijay’, ‘Veer’, ‘Varaha’, ‘ Varad ‘and’ Vajra ‘, “the defense minister said.

Speaking of the word ‘Vigraha’, the Minister said: “The word ‘Vigraha’ has very beautiful interpretations in our texts. On the other hand, it has also been interpreted to mean” the specific servitude of one’s duty and obligations “.

“I am firmly convinced that our ‘Vigraha’, completely freed from the shackles of any kind of challenge, and having specific bonds of service and duties towards the nation, will become an effective guard dog of the coastal borders of our country,” he said.

Earlier today, he praised the efforts of the Indian Coast Guard and said: “I am happy to note that over the past two years, in cooperation with our neighboring countries, the Coast Guard has recovered goods. worth over 10,000 crore rupees, while dealing with smuggling activities. “

“In the 2008 report on the ocean and the law of the sea, the UN Secretary-General described seven specific threats to maritime security. These include piracy, terrorism, illicit trafficking in arms and drugs, human trafficking, illegal fishing and environmental damage, “Singh said.

“All of these activities are also responsible for negatively affecting our maritime domain as they are everywhere else. Likewise, in today’s interconnected world, activities that take place in any part of the world inevitably have a impact on other parts of the world. By overcoming the challenges of India’s coastal areas, you play an important role not only in the regional interest but also in the realization of global interests, “he said.

Speaking about relations with other countries, Singh said, “Today the world is changing very rapidly. Economic, political and trade relations between countries are constantly fluctuating. Nothing can be said about the upcoming news from another country.”

“Our country cannot remain insensitive to these developments. This is all the more true for a country like ours, being a country whose interests are directly linked to the Indian Ocean”, he declared.

The Minister further said: “The Indian Ocean region, with more than two-thirds of global oil shipments, one-third of bulk cargo and more than half of container traffic, is a key route for the achievement of interests of the world. . “

“The changes that are taking place in the world often become a matter of concern for us. As a nation, we must keep our guards high in these times of uncertainty and upheaval in the world. For the sake of global security, to border disputes and maritime domination, Countries around the world are moving towards modernization and strengthening of their military power. The demand for military equipment continues to increase, “he said.

The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) Vigraha, the seventh in the Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) series, was commissioned by Rajnath Singh in Chennai today. The ship will be based in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh and will operate on the east coast under the operational and administrative control of the Commander of the Coast Guard Region (East). (ANI)

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Engineering students conquer the world of start-ups Tue, 24 Aug 2021 23:18:32 +0000

Solushin founders Ben Lindsay, Rosa Miller and Will McNamara

Solushin was created when three college students came together to address overuse injuries that had challenged them in their athletic careers.

Ben Lindsay, co-creator of Solushin, graduated in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sydney in 2017. Prior to coming to Sydney, he had spent time in Western Australia studying Oil and Gas Civil Engineering offshore, and in Canberra after receiving a scholarship with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

The move to Sydney allowed him to continue his successful swimming career under the Elite Athlete Program and connect with Solushin co-founders Will McNamara and Rosa Miller.

“I had briefly met runner Will McNamara at AIS and had the opportunity to reconnect with him in Sydney while studying at the University of New South Wales,” said Ben.

“I was studying biomedical engineering and he was studying medicine, and he had also met a gymnast named Rosa Miller from the Sydney University of Technology who was studying industrial design.”

From Will’s dormitory, the students identified shin splints as the injury they wanted to heal, as the three co-founders suffered from it during their training.

Now, Solushin, the device that combines soft tissue therapy with bone remodeling treatments to treat shin splints, is preferred by athletes and sports physicians across Australia, and is close to distribution on the UK and US markets.

Also a program director of the University of Sydney’s award-winning Incubate start-up program, Ben recommends that students interested in an entrepreneurial career make the most of the opportunities available to them.

“My recommendations for graduates would be to volunteer for any presentations they can,” he said.

“Whenever you have the chance, try to present yourself in front of people because it allows you to showcase and sell what you do.

“Students have things like INCUBATE, the Genesis program, and industry internship opportunities within their study units – there are things I didn’t know existed when I was there. university!

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Turkey prepares warrant if soldiers stay in Kabul (Akar) Sun, 22 Aug 2021 03:51:33 +0000

Relevant ministries and institutions are preparing a mandate in case any Turkish soldiers remain in the Afghan capital Kabul, Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said.

Speaking to the Daily Sabah in an exclusive interview on the sidelines of the International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF 2021) in Istanbul, Akar said: “If necessary, parliament can be called for an extraordinary meeting.”

Akar explained that Turkish soldiers stationed at Kabul Hamid Karzai International Airport are safe and performing their duties. Regarding the chaos that erupted at the airport when the Taliban entered the capital, the minister said people entered the airport because locally recruited staff left their posts.

It took a little over a week for the Taliban to take control of the country after a lightning strike that ended in Kabul as government forces, trained for two decades and equipped by the United States and others at a cost of billions of dollars have melted away.

“This situation lasted 24 hours, and then elements of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), UK, US and some local Afghan elements prepared the runways for the flights. Currently, they (the Afghans) do not want to leave the airport, they see the airport as a safe place, a shelter and wait, ”Akar said.

He said Turkey has taken all kinds of precautions and is ready to evacuate its military personnel if necessary, while Turkish citizens are also being evacuated.

Reiterating that Turkey will only stay in Kabul for as long as the Afghans wish, Akar stressed that Ankara does not have a secret agenda.

Ankara has offered to keep and operate Kabul Airport after the US and NATO withdrew from Afghanistan. Questions remain about how security will be provided along major transport routes and at the airport, which is the main international gateway to the capital, Kabul.

Airport security is critical to the functioning of diplomatic missions outside Afghanistan as Western forces withdraw. The airport is strategically located near the Afghan presidential palace and foreign diplomatic missions in Kabul and is the only place from which to evacuate diplomats in an emergency.

Turkey has been in Afghanistan in a non-combat role for 20 years and has been involved in advisory, reconstruction and maintenance efforts. It has operated the airport for six years.

“What is important are our Afghan brothers, the rights and interests of our people and our country and our moral values. In this context, Turkey is discussing with the institutions concerned. We are receiving positive signals; however, if something is wrong and we see a problem, we will leave the country within 24 hours, ”Akar said. Akar further stated that there is currently no country other than Turkey that wishes to take on the mission.

Speaking about the current situation at the airport, Akar said it was running smoothly, as evidenced by 146 flights in the past four days. On reports that gunshots were heard at the airport, the minister said the shots were fired to disperse the crowd and those who lost their lives were due to the shoving.

The Turkish embassy in Kabul, he said, is continuing work at the airport as the Turkish flag still flies over the embassy building because it was not the target of gunfire.

“We spoke with the German and British Defense Ministers, NATO and the United States, they said they were ready to cooperate and support Turkey’s presence there,” he said. he declares.

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar (right) with Daily Sabah Ankara bureau chief Nur Özkan Erbay in Istanbul, Turkey, August 20, 2021 (Courtesy Turkish Defense Ministry)

Border security

Closer to home, Turkey has recently seen an increase in refugees, especially from Afghanistan.

Concerns have grown about a possible increase in the number of Afghan refugees due to the United States’ withdrawal from the country after two decades.

Video footage has shown large groups of refugees in the area near the border with Iran, although the Turkish government says there has not yet been an increase in numbers.

Akar praised the efforts of the security forces controlling the borders and recalled that he had visited the Turkish-Iranian border last week to inspect the measures taken against irregular migration.

“We took physical measures. There are trenches 4 meters (13 feet) deep and 4 meters wide, modular walls, pits behind them and cables. 587 people have been arrested while attempting to cross the Iranian border since January 1, 2021, or about two people a day, ”Akar said, refuting claims that 50 to 60 people pass through Turkey daily.

He added that the claims of tens of thousands of migrants entering Turkey do not reflect the truth. Akar said a factory that poured molds and immediately made walls was established near the border. Construction of the wall across the entire Iranian border is now 65% complete.

He said the images showing Afghan refugees in large groups do not come from the Iranian border and that the images are intended to create biased perceptions among the population.

Regarding allegations that Iran would let Afghans pass into Turkey, Akar said Turkey had contacted Iran and had received assurances from Tehran that this was not the case.

“We do not see large crowds and movements at the borders,” he reiterated.

Trenching works, as well as the construction of the modular wall and high-tech observation towers to prevent illegal activities, are underway at the Turkish-Iranian border.

While nine Turkish battalions served in 44 security posts, one battalion, two expeditions and five divisions were deployed to the region along with 35 task forces and 750 special operations police in armored vehicles.

Drones and helicopters are also used by security forces to keep the region under control.

Turkey is not a pit stop for migrants, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said recently, adding that the country was taking the necessary measures to avoid an irregular migration crisis due to the situation in Afghanistan.

“YPG, the biggest problem in Syria”

Regarding the situation in Syria, Akar said the biggest problem was the Syrian wing of the PKK terrorist group, the YPG.

“We can solve the S-400 and F-35 problems with the United States one way or another, but we can’t go anywhere without solving the YPG. Unfortunately, our ally is still providing them with weapons, equipment and ammunition, ”he said.

Akar said it would be more beneficial for the United States to cooperate with Turkey in the Middle East rather than with a terrorist group.

The United States has mainly associated itself with the YPG in northeastern Syria in the fight against Daesh. But Turkey firmly opposes the presence of terrorists in northern Syria, which has been a major sticking point in the strained relations between Turkey and the United States. Ankara has long opposed US support for the YPG, a terrorist group that poses a threat to Turkey and terrorizes the local population, destroying their homes and forcing them to flee.

Under the pretext of fighting Daesh, the United States provided military training and military support trucks to the YPG, despite the security concerns of its NATO ally. While stressing that a country cannot support one terrorist group to fight another, Turkey has carried out its own counterterrorism operations, in which it has succeeded in eliminating a significant number of terrorists from the region.

Akar stressed that the PKK always receives help in all areas, including training, but regardless, the Turkish military is fighting them effectively.

“Terrorists cannot stay two nights in a row in one place. They are constantly changing locations, ”he said.

Tensions with Greece were another issue on the minister’s agenda, who strongly emphasized that Turkey has no problem with the Greek people.

He reiterated Ankara’s calls to continue good neighborly relations as well as dialogue to resolve mutual issues.

Akar said the areas of disagreement between the two countries are territorial waters, airspace, the situation and militarization of the Aegean Islands in violation of the agreements, and maritime jurisdiction.

“The number of retired Greek soldiers, politicians, diplomats and academics supporting our views has increased – this is important,” he noted.

He also criticized Greece for engaging in an arms race with Turkey.

“Don’t expect to take over the TSK with a few used planes and ships. Entering into such an adventure with so much foreign debt is against the well-being of the Greek people, ”he said.

Greece has allocated 11.5 billion euros ($ 14 billion) to modernize its armed forces over the next five years, at a time of heightened tension with neighboring Turkey.

Relations between the two NATO members, often strained, have deteriorated sharply over the past year, with warships clashing in the eastern Mediterranean in a dispute over maritime borders and energy rights.

Delivery of the 18 Rafale – 12 currently in service in France and six new planes to be built by Dassault Aviation – is expected to begin in the middle of the year and be completed over two years. The jets and the purchase of Meteor-compatible air-to-air missiles are expected to cost 2.3 billion euros ($ 3.4 billion).

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