US Wars

Australia prepares for war alongside the United States and alone

Australia has announced major investments in its own military capabilities, especially new weapons. Countries in the region are stepping up their armies amid heightened tensions between the United States and China. Australia is seeking “a combination of integration with the United States and greater autonomy,” an expert told Insider. See …

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American schools teach reading poorly

June 12, 2021 WASHINGTON DC PHONICS, WHO is to pronounce words syllable by syllable, is the best way to teach children to read. But in many classes, ff-on-ics is dirty sound. Kymyona Burk, who implemented the Mississippi statewide literacy program, explains that some teachers had to introduce phonetic teaching materials …

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Citigroup takes on JPMorgan with new 5% card

Zoom in iconArrows pointing out Pam Habner, Head of Brand Cards in the United States at Citigroup Source: Citigroup Banks have recently been blown away by themselves to attract new credit card customers, offering big bonuses of 100,000 points and launching new products. Today, Citigroup is tackling one of the …

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