US Wars

US lawmakers call for a ‘war foot’ on corruption

In a letter to Janet Yellen, two lawmakers called for LBC’s obligations to be extended to hedge funds, private equity and other professional enablers. US lawmakers Tom Malinowski and Sheldon Whitehouse wrote to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen asking him to put a “war footing” on the US Treasury Department to …

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OUR WWII HISTORY: Victory Day and the Call for Peace

Finally, Nazi Germany was defeated. However, the total victory of World War II “will not be ours until we have placed the keystone of a global structure for permanent peace,” wrote the National Commander of the American Legion, Edward N.. Victory in Japan was still three months away, and the …

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Maltese-American remembers shipyard and WWII

This Friday, May 7, at 6 p.m., John B. Saliba, a 94-year-old Maltese-American who lives in New York, will speak in English to anthropologist Michael Deguara about his time at the shipyard in the 1940s and his memories alive from World War II. The conference is moderated by the Oral …

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