US Wars

When is the US war in Afghanistan really over?

WASHINGTON (AP) – As the last US combat troops prepare to leave Afghanistan, the question arises: when is the war really over? For Afghans, the answer is clear but grim: it is very soon. An emboldened Taliban insurgency is making gains on the battlefield and potential peace talks have stalled. …

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Prisoners of war: a reality turned around

Modern warfare is accelerated: Operations on a multi-domain battlefield are faster and take place on a more disparate battlefield. In the near future peer combat, conflicts could escalate into conflicts in which traditional task forces engage, disengage, and maneuver to gain an advantage. Maneuver warfare generates situations where the adversary …

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Biden pledges ‘sustained’ aid as Afghanistan draws near

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Joe Biden on Friday pledged key Afghan leaders a “lasting” partnership as he strives to hasten the end of America’s longest war amid escalating Taliban violence. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation, met Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin …

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