China news: UK and US warned Beijing will not back down after war in Ukraine as tensions boil | World | News


China has refused to join the chorus of Western countries condemning Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, which came just after Beijing declared “unlimited friendship” with the Kremlin. However, Beijing said it was “not a party” to the war as it sought to dodge fallout from the invasion in March.

Professor Tsang, who heads SOAS, the Chinese Institute at the University of London, told that the war in Ukraine has not “fundamentally changed the relationship” between Western countries and Beijing, partly because “there has never really been much love, from the Chinese side, anyway”.

He added that the Chinese president “still” has “no love” for the likes of the UK and the US, and he sticks firmly to the idea that Beijing “must always be prepared and anticipate”.

However, the Chinese government fears the ramifications of Western sanctions imposed on Moscow during the war, which have triggered “enormous alarm” in Beijing.

Among the list of sanctions applied to Moscow by different countries is the freezing of about 300 billion dollars of Russia’s foreign exchange reserves.

“They never thought that the weakened West could really react vigorously, in a united way, to something like a ‘special military operation’ by the Russians in Ukraine.”

But Xi Jinping “miscalculated” by throwing China‘s weight behind his friendship with Moscow earlier this year during the Winter Olympics, in part because “Putin bungled” the invasion.

Professor Tsang said: “The Chinese made a miscalculation when Xi Jinping gave his support for unlimited friendship, the support for unlimited friendship, when Putin visited China at the start of the Olympics. “

Moscow and Beijing said in a joint statement: “The friendship between the two states has no boundaries, there are no ‘prohibited’ areas of cooperation.

But as war rumbled, the G7 group of wealthy economies called on China to “resolutely” advise the Kremlin to end its invasion.

The countries said in a statement: “We encourage China to support, in accordance with international law, Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence and the integrity of its internationally recognized borders and resolutely urge Russia to end its its military aggression against Ukraine”.

China also admitted on Wednesday that its economy was already suffering the toll of its zero-Covid policy.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said that “economic indicators in China have fallen significantly, and the difficulties in some respects and to some extent are greater than when the epidemic hit us hard in 2020.”


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