China slams US investigation into origins of COVID; compares it to the “lie that started the war in Iraq”



With increasing pressure from the United States on China to seek an investigation into the theory of COVID-19 laboratory leaks, the Chinese ambassador to France on Thursday denounced the Biden administration for “a laundry lie in powder that helped him start the war in Iraq “. In an interview with a French newspaper Opinion, Ambassador Lu Shaye said Washington was initiating a “modus operandi” against China similar to the one it used to wage war on Iraq in 2003 by peddling the theory of virus leaks in laboratories.

“The same process is repeated (…) consisting in imposing a charge based on the presumption of guilt, then exerting pressure by instrumentalizing and deceiving public opinion,” he said. Responding to Biden’s order for his intelligence groups to investigate the laboratory leak theory, he said, “This is not scientific research at all.”

China launches investigation into US laboratory at Fort Detrick

In turn, Ambassador Lu Shaye asked the World Health Organization (WHO) to prioritize the US laboratory at Fort Detrick in the next stage of investigations into the origins of the virus. Claiming that the United States was imagining laboratory leakage accident scenarios to open the door to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the Chinese ambassador said all of these accusations were based on the laboratory leak accident of the US laboratory at Fort Detrick which was to be investigated in tower.

“But Western media never reported on the US lab. China, the country that first reported the outbreak, managed to keep the virus under control in two months. In contrast, the pandemic still ravages the United States, a country with the most advanced medical resources, ”Lu said.

Biden puts pressure on China

The ambassador’s statements come after US President Joe Biden questioned China’s position on the investigation into the origin of COVID-19 on Wednesday, asking if Beijing was really interested in investigating the origins of COVID -19. In addition, Biden added that there were “some things” that China cannot explain to the world unless there is evidence and results. “Look, some things that you don’t have to explain to the people of the world, they see the results. Is China really trying to get to the bottom of this?” Biden questioned. The communist country had previously attacked the United States, saying some forces were “fixated on political manipulation” of the origins of COVID-19.



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