Commander of Army War College fully reinstated at Carlisle Barracks


Major General Stephen Maranian has been reinstated as commander of the US Army War College at Carlisle Barracks, the military said on Wednesday.

The military’s criminal investigation division said it had completed an investigation into an allegation of abusive sexual contact filed against Maranian in February and “determined that there was no probable cause that he committed the alleged offense.” . Maranian is immediately reinstated as head of War College, a key strategic education center for emerging officers.

According to the military statement, the CID investigation was conducted by an experienced civilian investigator who has conducted more than 700 sexual assault investigations over the past 18 years.

Sixteen witnesses were interviewed, several of them multiple times, in an effort to develop evidence to determine if there was a probable cause to support the claim. At this point, they referred the case to an independent special prosecutor for victims, as well as a former civilian prosecutor with 30 years of experience who works as a highly qualified expert for the US military.

Both determined that there was insufficient evidence to establish probable cause of the offense.

These external examiners were not appointed on Wednesday. The probable cause decision was completely independent of any command influence and was not presented to any commander for a disposition decision, the military said.

Maranian, 54, was initially installed as a commanding officer at Army War College in July 2020. If form holds, he will continue in this position at least until the next academic year. Historically, commanders of War College have served here for terms of two or three years.

In February, the military revealed that the general had been charged with abusive sexual contact with an army civilian, and a military protection order was issued against him on February 9, the day his suspension from War College was issued. been announced. The incident in question “is unrelated to his current post” at Carlisle Barracks, the military confirmed at the time.

Task & Purpose, an online outlet dedicated to “informing, engaging, entertaining and advocating for active duty military personnel, veterans and their families,” quoted Col. Cathy Wilkinson, chief of military media relations, confirming that Maranian was suspended for “an allegation of improper touching”.

Army Major General David C. Hill, Deputy Commander of the US Army Corps of Engineers, served as the Acting Commander while the investigation was ongoing.

War College spokeswoman Carol Kerr said Maranian, who continued to reside at Carlisle Barracks during the investigation, returned to duty on Wednesday. “He met his subordinate leaders and got back to it,” she said.

According to his military biography, Maranian was commissioned in 1988 as a field artillery second lieutenant. He fought in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, in addition to touring five other countries. Prior to arriving at Carlisle Barracks, the Bucknell graduate was Deputy Commanding Officer of Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

The Army War College is used to provide strategic thinking training to senior officers in the military, other branches of the military, and the armed services of foreign allies of the United States. Students are generally considered to be candidates for leadership positions in the military.


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