CHAMBERSBURG, Pa .– Letterkenny Army Depot recognized several of its outstanding employees at a virtual city hall, held at the depot’s headquarters on December 8.

Jeremy Crouse, Logistics Division Chief in the Directorate of Supply and Transportation, received the Department of the Army’s Meritorious Civil Service Medal, signed by Major General Kenneth T. Royar, Commanding General of the US Army and Aviation Command. The award was presented by Col. Rick Allbritton, Commanding Officer, LEAD, in recognition of Crouse’s outstanding civilian service when he rescued a woman who was drowning earlier in the year.

Daniel Hoffman, Chief Heavy Mobile Equipment Inspector, Product Insurance Branch, received the Army Department Civil Service Achievement Medal, signed by Major General Kenneth T. Royar , general commander of AMCOM. Hoffman was recognized as an AMCOM MVP for his contributions to LEAD’s quality management system.

Terry Collins received the Department of the Army Civil Service Achievement Medal in recognition of being named LEAD’s first quarter employee for the fourth quarter. Collins is an electronic measuring equipment mechanic in the Industrial Operations Directorate.

“I love working at LEAD because I am surrounded by good people and there is a common goal in meeting the needs of our clients,” said Collins. “Being recognized as an employee of the quarter means I have value to offer the mission. “

Jason White was awarded the Department of the Army’s Civilian Service Achievement Medal in recognition of his appointment as the General LEAD Quarterly Program Employee for the fourth quarter. White is a Senior IT Specialist in the Information Management Directorate. In addition to being named Employee of the Quarter, White was also named GS Employee of the Year and received the Army Department’s Civil Service Commendation Medal.

“I am honored to be recognized with such an exceptional support team. Without the excellent management and the DOIM team as a whole this would not have been possible, ”White said of his awards. “I cannot say enough that the efforts of every member of the DOIM team are part of these rewards. “

Buddy Swope was also awarded the Department of the Army’s Civilian Service Medal for being named LEAD Task Force Employee of the Year. Swope is an engineering equipment operator in the Public Works Department.

“It is a great honor to be chosen as employee of the year,” said Swope. “Recognizing employees like this is one of the many reasons LEAD is a great place to work. “

James Fennen II, Equipment Specialist, Directorate of Missile Readiness and Aerospace, also received the Department of the Army Civil Service Medals for his outstanding work in their respective fields; Kenneth Davis, Logistics Division Manager, DMAR; Hannah Diehl, Office of Program Management and Demand Team Leader, Office of Strategic Management; Harold (TJ) Coder, Repository Modernization Manager, OSM; Michael Craul, Head of the Certified Round Missile Assembly Facility Branch, DMAR; Tony Wolff, electronics engineer, DMAR; David Stein, Electronic Measuring Equipment Mechanic, OSM; Paden Weaver, electronics engineer, OSM; Beariz Flores, Equipment Specialist, DMAR; Katherine Coleman, Training Specialist, Repository Training Office; Todd Santiago, electronics technician, DMAR; and Matthew Knarr, electronics technician, DMAR.

David Russell, Senior Planner, OSM; Aaron Frey, Supply Technician, DST; and Beatriz Flores, Electronics Technician, DMAR, also received Certificates of Merit from the Department of the Army for outstanding customer support in their respective directorates.

Members of the Sentinel reset team at the depot have been awarded Certificates of Achievement from the Department of the Army for their professional support in accelerating the delivery of multiple Sentinel reset systems to prepare the unit. to the fighter.

Team members included Tony Weller, Kevin Griffith, Brock Ashman, Jordan Dewalt, Justin Sites, Michael Piper, Jaron Gomer, Shane Sneary, Derrick Myers, Kyle Atherton, Jason Robinson and Scott Pheil.

Robert Slocum, Deputy Director, DPW and Kelley Barnes, Head of Engineering and Planning, DPW were both recognized by Commander’s Coins for Excellence for their work in supporting the repository modernization plan.

In his remarks to the team, Col. Allbritton discussed the importance of communication, effective leadership, fulfillment of the promise and workload opportunities.

“Effective leadership is about taking care of your people,” said Col. Allbritton. “One of the reasons people keep going above and beyond is because they are consistently recognized for their contributions.”

Letterkenny Army Depot is the Army’s premier professional organic maintenance facility providing overhaul, repair and modification of tactical missile air and space defense systems, electric power generation equipment and various military vehicles, systems support and protection programs. LEAD is a subordinate of the US Army Aviation and Missile Command, and is the depot for long-range air and missile defense and precision fire, supporting Department of Defense systems, foreign partners and the industry. Letterkenny Army Depot was established in 1942 and is a government owned and operated industrial facility located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

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