Engineering students conquer the world of start-ups


Solushin founders Ben Lindsay, Rosa Miller and Will McNamara

Solushin was created when three college students came together to address overuse injuries that had challenged them in their athletic careers.

Ben Lindsay, co-creator of Solushin, graduated in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sydney in 2017. Prior to coming to Sydney, he had spent time in Western Australia studying Oil and Gas Civil Engineering offshore, and in Canberra after receiving a scholarship with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

The move to Sydney allowed him to continue his successful swimming career under the Elite Athlete Program and connect with Solushin co-founders Will McNamara and Rosa Miller.

“I had briefly met runner Will McNamara at AIS and had the opportunity to reconnect with him in Sydney while studying at the University of New South Wales,” said Ben.

“I was studying biomedical engineering and he was studying medicine, and he had also met a gymnast named Rosa Miller from the Sydney University of Technology who was studying industrial design.”

From Will’s dormitory, the students identified shin splints as the injury they wanted to heal, as the three co-founders suffered from it during their training.

Now, Solushin, the device that combines soft tissue therapy with bone remodeling treatments to treat shin splints, is preferred by athletes and sports physicians across Australia, and is close to distribution on the UK and US markets.

Also a program director of the University of Sydney’s award-winning Incubate start-up program, Ben recommends that students interested in an entrepreneurial career make the most of the opportunities available to them.

“My recommendations for graduates would be to volunteer for any presentations they can,” he said.

“Whenever you have the chance, try to present yourself in front of people because it allows you to showcase and sell what you do.

“Students have things like INCUBATE, the Genesis program, and industry internship opportunities within their study units – there are things I didn’t know existed when I was there. university!


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