Fans mistake Deavan for Larissa after lip liner failure

90 Day Fiancé’s Deavan looks like Larissa in a new pic. Many fans aren’t impressed because she looks unnatural and unreal now.

A lot 90 days Betrothed Fans mistook Deavan Clegg for Larissa Lima because of her unflattering lips, while others thought Deavan looked like a mix of Larissa and Darcey Silva. All of these beauties are infamous for abusing their cosmetic procedures. Earlier, 90 day fiancé‘s Deavan was dragged along for using shady business tactics and lies on Instagram. The Utah resident has told her Instagram family that she will stop creating content on an adult content platform within a month. She was apparently busy with her other projects and her YouTube channel.

But after a few weeks, she returned to the adult website and announced a 10% discount for new members who subscribe to her adult content. Former 90 days Betrothed Star Deavan is also being criticized for splurging on cosmetic procedures instead of saving for her children’s future. Sometimes she appears on Instagram with a sloppy look, which further disappoints many fans. Along with this, she also receives negative comments about her unflattering makeup skills, especially lip liner.

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Deavan recently posted a close-up of her face on her Instagram Story and said she reads articles written about her lip liner failure. A fan reposted their story on Reddit with the title, “I didn’t recognize her on IG!“Even though she used a filter, fans can clearly see her face. Yet many 90 days Betrothed viewers could not identify him. Her lips are much bigger than before and her pupils are dilated. A lot 90 day fiancé fans thought she was Larissa, who is also popular for taking plastic surgery to the extreme.

One fan wrote: “I still can’t believe it’s not Larissa.“Another fan commented,”I seriously thought it was Larissa at first.“Someone else said,”They all have to go to the same surgeon!“A few concerned fans have mentioned that 90 day fiancéDeavan is only 25 years old, but she has started to look like a woman in her 40s. Fans believe that Deavan, Darcey, and Larissa started to look like inflatable dolls. At 90 Day Fiancé: Fortunately forever, Larissa told her then boyfriend Eric that she wanted to look like an inflatable doll. She spent $ 72,000 to look like Kylie Jenner. Unfortunately, a lot 90 days Betrothed fans weren’t impressed as she now looks artificial and unreal.

Recently, she once again showed up on Instagram with an unrecognizable look. Even though many fans loved her in sexy lingerie and angel wings, Colt Johnson’s ex-wife decided to take the picture. While criticizing Deavan, a few fans mentioned that the lip liner was the least of his concerns; she should care about her parenting skills. A lot 90 days Betrothed viewers believe that Deavan keeps his son, Taeyang, away from his father and fails to discipline his daughter. Her 2 year old son is growing up so fast and 90 day fiancé the former Jihoon is away the entire time as he fights for his custody.

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