FLIR to deliver additional Black Hornet 3 PRS nano-UAVs to the US military


FLIR Systems has been awarded a contract from the United States Army to provide a Black Hornet 3 Supplemental Personal Reconnaissance System (PRS).

Advanced nano-unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will support the U.S. Army’s Soldier Borne Sensor (SBS) program. The contract is worth $ 15.4 million.

As part of the SBS program, these UAVs are used to strengthen the surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities of squads and small units.

In 2018, the US military entered into a purchase contract with FLIR for a first batch of Black Hornet 3 PRS to support the SBS program.

So far, the total order value of the FLIR nano-UAV is over $ 85 million.

The combat-proven pocket-sized nano UAV is extremely lightweight and almost silent when in use. The system has a flight time of up to 25 minutes.

Black Hornet PRS relays live video and HD stills, providing soldiers with real-time battlefield situational awareness. This helps soldiers make informed decisions and increase mission effectiveness.

To date, the company has delivered more than 12,000 Black Hornet nano-UAVs to defense and security forces around the world.

Roger Wells, vice president and general manager of unmanned systems and integrated solutions at FLIR, said: “Unmanned systems like our Black Hornet improve the stalemate and safety of troops at risk, which is essential as the military are stepping up their plans for multi-domain operations.

“We are honored that the Black Hornet is playing a vital role in the Army’s Soldier Borne Sensor program. Each new order is a testament to the difference this technology can make on the battlefield and renews our commitment to advancing science.

Designed and built by FLIR in Norway, delivery of the Black Hornet systems will begin in the middle of this year.


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