Honeywell fined $ 13 million for defense export violations

WASHINGTON – The US State Department has announced that it has reached a $ 13 million deal with US defense firm Honeywell over allegations it exported technical drawings of parts for F-35 fighters and other weapons platforms to China and other foreign countries.

The Charlotte, North Carolina-based company has faced 34 charges over designs it shared with China, Taiwan, Canada and Ireland, according to the Office of Politico’s indictment document -military.

The State Department alleged that some of the transmissions had endangered national security, which Honeywell acknowledges with the caveat that the technology involved “is commercially available around the world.” No detailed manufacturing or engineering expertise was shared. “

All together the materials referred to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the B-1B Lancer long range strategic bomber, the F-22 fighter, the C-130 transport aircraft, the A-7H Corsair aircraft. , at the A-10. The warthog plane, the Apache Longbow helicopter, the M1A1 Abrams tank, the Tomahawk tactical missile; the F / A-18 Hornet fighter and the F135, F414, T55 and CTS800 turboshaft engines.

The State Department has said it will not rule out Honeywell because it willfully disclosed its alleged violations under the Arms Export Control Act and International Trafficking in Arms Regulations. In addition, the $ 5 million fine is being suspended so that Honeywell can apply it to compliance costs and corrective actions.

“Honeywell also recognized the seriousness of the alleged violations, cooperated with the Department’s review, and instituted a number of compliance program enhancements during the Department’s review,” the State Department said in a statement. “For these reasons, the Department has determined that it is not appropriate to administratively exclude Honeywell at this time.”

Between 2011 and 2015, Honeywell reportedly used a file-sharing platform to inappropriately transmit technical prints showing layouts, dimensions and geometries for manufacturing castings and finished parts for multiple aircraft, l electronics and gas turbine engines. His first disclosure of violations to the government came in 2015.

“The United States government has examined copies of the 71 designs and has determined that exports and retransforts to the PRC [People’s Republic of China] drawings of certain parts and components of the engine platforms of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the B-1B Lancer Long-Range Strategic Bomber and the F-22 Fighter Aircraft have harmed US national security, ”reads -on in the indictment document.

Although Honeywell informed the State Department in 2016 of the corrective actions taken to prevent such violations from recurring, it did reveal other violations involving export controlled designs in 2018. Employees using “another process ”to send two designs to Canada, two designs to China and 23 designs to Mexico.

“The United States government has examined copies of the 23 designs and has determined that the exports and retransfer into [China] drawings of certain parts and components of the CTS800 gas turbine engine have endangered US national security, ”the loading document read.

In a statement, Honeywell said it has since taken steps to ensure there are no repeated incidents.

“Under an agreement with the State Department to resolve these issues, Honeywell will pay a fine, hire an external compliance officer to oversee the consent agreement for at least 18 months, and perform an external audit of our compliance program, ”Honeywell’s statement on the matter reads in part.

“Since Honeywell voluntarily self-reported these disclosures, we have taken several steps to ensure that there are no repeat incidents. These actions included improving export security, investing in additional compliance staff and increasing compliance training. “

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