“I’ve been a victim of blackmail, harassment and harassment:” Alderman of Mount Carmel speaks out on ethics complaint filed against her | Rogersville

“They try to blackmail me where I quit, and they constantly harass me,” Mount Carmel Alderman Mindy Fleishour told Review. “It’s just extremely difficult to go through …”

Fleishour is the subject of one of several ethics complaints filed by local businessman Jim Griffith between October 14-15. he was going to come out soon.

Screenshots of these social media allegations are available in the online version of this article.

One of Griffith’s ethics complaints alleges that Fleishour posted videos of herself performing sexual acts on a pornographic website several years ago and recently “spoke nasty things to an elderly citizen ” by e-mail. The complaint includes an email correspondence between Fleishour and an anonymous “elderly lady” as well as a screenshot of a profile of a pornographic website that Griffith claims belongs to Fleishour.

However, Mount Carmel City Attorney John Pevy told the Council of Mayors and Aldermen at the October 14 workshop that the allegations “do not violate our code of ethics.”

“I don’t think these things (in the complaint) are properly judged by the code of ethics,” Pevy added.

In response, Alderman John Gibson introduced a motion to add these ethics complaints to the plenary agenda on October 28 to vote on their credibility.

Pevy noted that investigating Griffith’s numerous complaints as well as the ethics complaint filed by Citizen Brenda Parker last month against City Manager Mike Housewright would be extremely costly. If the board decides the complaints are unfounded and votes to dismiss them, it would not have to pay a lawyer to investigate.

However, Fleishour told the review that Griffith’s public allegations against her had already caused her a great deal of emotional trauma.

“I have been harassed for months”

“I was hassled for months and months,” Fleishour told Review. “I don’t know this person (Griffith) at all. So be a target …? I am harassed and literally hounded by these people. My lawyer even told me that it’s the same mindset that a rapist uses: trying to intimidate his victim to the point of humiliation.

She said that about three months ago she started hearing from city workers Griffith telling people in the community that Fleishour allegedly had a profile on a porn site in the past.

“Once I got wind that they were publishing stuff, I spoke to a lawyer about it,” Fleishour told the review. “He said to me, ‘If that’s the only thing they have against you, take it and move on. Once they know you know, it should go away. I don’t even know how (Griffith) got this information as it is not associated with my legal name.

Fleishour emailed Griffith and others who were disseminating this information.

“What I find completely insane is that people try to take something that I did, which is legal, eight years ago and try to define me as a person now – that they are. drop so low to try to ruin my reputation, “Fleishour wrote in the email correspondence included in the complaint.” It’s old, I grew up as a person, I was young… And all that for what? sit on the board of a city with the worst reputation in the state? I will not resign my seat like the hope with it all has to be. “

However, even when she “owned” her shares in the past, Griffith and others have not stopped spreading the information. In fact, Fleishour said the situation had worsened.

“They want to humiliate me until I resign”

“I think the whole point was to humiliate myself enough that I stepped down from my seat on the board and they could put Jim Griffith in my place,” Fleishour said when asked if she knew why Griffith had targeted her.

Although no public campaign announcements were made, Griffith has repeatedly posted on his social media profiles that he intends to “run for office” in Mount Carmel.

Griffith alleged in his complaint that Fleishour “said nasty things” to an elderly lady by email and that Fleishour wrote “(F) off” to the elderly lady. Fleishour’s email also reportedly said, “I’m not ashamed of anything from my past..I never knew you were a lesbian in the closet. If you wanted old photos of me, I would have given you some.

Fleishour told the review: “I responded negatively and my email was very inappropriate, but you can only push someone this far before they have just had enough.”

She noted that this email response was sent after receiving numerous messages from the woman threatening to expose Fleishour’s adult website to the public.

“The email she sent me was very degrading,” she said. “They’re sitting here telling me it’s all my fault and I should have stayed away from the audience. It pushes the “victim” mentality – blaming me for something they choose to keep over my head. “

She added, “It has nothing to do with today or who I am. It didn’t define me as a person then and it doesn’t now. is that they want everything that I’ve done good for this community to be overshadowed by the one mistake I made. But what they don’t understand is that I’m not going to quit . I haven’t committed any crime, so I can’t be forced to quit. So what’s all this for?

Worried about his safety

Fleishour told the Journal that after this information started to spread, she also began to worry about her safety.

“It’s definitely something that played on my mind,” she said. “It’s sad because we live in a culture where women are all the time ashamed to have confidence in themselves or in their bodies. We shame women with rape and everything – it always seems to be the woman’s fault. “

She added, “I’m the kind of person whose name means everything to me. When people hear your name, you want them to think highly of you. They try to create an atmosphere where when people hear my name, they think of something that is not even about current life.

Instead, Fleishour explained that she wanted to highlight the positive work she has done for the city.

“Hosting the fall festival has been one of my biggest accomplishments on the board,” she said. “I fought for funding and we managed to do it with just four months of planning. I also fought for the contribution of the Senior Center and voted in favor of donating money to the elementary school drop-off and pick-up system.

She also sits in Mount Carmel on the Joint Parks and Recreation Council alongside representatives from Church Hill and Surgoinsville. She is also a coach in recreational leagues. Prior to serving as alderman, she also hosted softball tournaments for area youth for two summers in a row, and is the Tennessee section chief for the National Free Mom Hugs Association, which raises awareness and supports the LGBTQ community.

“I fight for my community every day,” Fleishour said. “These people who come after me, if they were in need, I would still fight for them. People just need to do better, be better, and be more compassionate. “

Griffith files additional ethical complaints

On October 14, Griffith filed this ethics complaint along with another against Housewright, Pevy and Mayor Pat Stilwell in which he claims that Stilwell and Housewright “let Pevy lie at a public council meeting. ‘administration’ about a lawsuit Griffith brought against the city in early 2020.

Pevy told the board at its Oct. 14 workshop that these allegations are also not “based on facts.”

At the hearing on October 23, 2020, the city was dismissed from the lawsuit and was found to be clear. The lawsuit itself was dismissed with prejudice, meaning it cannot be re-filed in its current state.

Griffith filed two more ethics complaints on October 15. On October 19, the board planned to vote on the credibility of Griffith’s complaints at its plenary meeting on October 28. The weekend edition of the journal will feature additional articles on these complaints.

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