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Stop it!

JUICE– With thousands of Americans and allies stranded in Afghanistan following President Joe Biden’s misguided retirement (he was warned this would happen months ago), Republican lawmakers want the president arrested for putting those lives in danger.

It was the worst and most embarrassing defeat of the US military in American history. Even Democrats don’t know what to say. Just look at the entire Florida House Democratic Caucus. Apart from a few members who have advocated to help veterans cope with PTSD in retirement, NONE of them said anything about the current situation in Afghanistan.

representing Brian Mast told the Floridian he wanted Biden to be charged with a felony. READ MORE

Prostitutes Need Help

A leading online prostitution website says “No Mas” with sexually explicit content, and now the heart of this Florida lawmaker’s sister is broken because prostitutes have received a big “blow” in their wallets. READ MORE

OH, Nikki, you are so stupid

GA Commissioner Nikki Fried tried to co-opt Governor Ron DeSantis’ COVID-19 treatment announcement in the Tampa area. She couldn’t offer much information (nothing) about the same other than that she was supporting the new treatment center. Fried didn’t even know what time the site opened. READ MORE

Congratulations Mr. President

Senator Ben albritton (R) survived Sen. Manny Diaz (R) to be President of the Florida Senate 2024-2026. He has the voices.

“It is a true honor and privilege for me to have won the support of my colleagues in the Senate,” Albritton said in a statement.

Marco rubio-The #Afghanistan the disaster happened because the Biden administration ignored warnings about their plan and failed to adapt when things started to go wrong

United States Representative Kathy Castor-With @POTUS Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda, Congress has a historic opportunity to rebuild our infrastructure and ensure environmental justice.

It starts by investing in:

– Clean electricity

A civilian body for the climate

A cleaner transport sector

Ron DeSantis– I took Madison to Buc-ee’s for the first time. She loved the beaver chips and Cotton Candy Dippin Dots ice cream, but almost everything they have is great!

Lauren’s Book-Confirmed allegations… we did a good job reforming NICA in the last session, but there is still work to be done to change the culture of this quasi-governmental agency. ‘NICA Arbitrarily Deceived Children With Brain Injury, Audit Says’ | Miami Herald

Jimmy Patronis-On stage this morning with @cotfire following an apartment fire near FAMU. Thank you to the firefighters who responded quickly and to my fire investigators who are on site now to determine the cause. Pray for those who have been hurt.

AG Ashley Moody-I called @Joe Biden s reckless and dangerous policies resulting in the illegal release of criminals in the country. Fortunately, for the safety of our communities, a court order today requires Biden to do his job and obey the law.

Senator Lori Berman-School boards statewide stand up for student safety by requiring masks. Masks are how we control this contagion and keep schools open, and no amount of threats or political retaliation from @GovRonDeSantis‘the administration will dissuade us from these goals.

Senator Gary Farmer-Treatments with monoclonal antibodies should be widely available. But they are a last resort, not the first line of defense… Why is this @HealthyFlas #COVID VACCINE locator pushing #Regeneron? Was it a Rivkees decision or @GovRonDeSantis? #WhereIsRivkees

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