Ministers meet defense industry representatives to promote capabilities


Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Richard Marles and Defense Industry Minister Pat Conroy recently met with a number of defense industry representatives at a roundtable in Adelaide. Speaking at the event, Marles said the Australian Government is taking a collaborative approach to working with the defense industry to develop, build and sustain defense capability at the pace required.

“Australia’s geostrategic environment underscores the need for a strong, sovereign and internationally competitive defense industrial base,” Marles said. “That’s why the Australian Government is committed to building a true, long-term partnership with the defense industry, large and small, both locally and internationally.”

Conroy said the Australian government was focused on building Australia’s sovereign capacity, strengthening local manufacturing and creating new jobs. “Partnering with the defense industry is critical to building the sovereign industrial base to provide the ADF with the capabilities it needs, in the most critical areas, when it needs them,” Conroy said. “The Australian Government seeks to maximize opportunities and remove barriers to Australian industry participation in defense procurement.”

As part of this, there is a commitment to maximize Australian industrial participation in Defense Capability Acquisition and Sustainment projects. “Our defense industry plan isn’t just about our nation’s security — it’s also about economic prosperity,” Marles said.

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