More than 50 terrorist groups recruiting and using children for terrorist purposes, despite war crimes: report


November 27, 2021 4:42 PM STI

Washington [US], November 27 (ANI): Exploitation of young people by armed groups remains widespread in countries affected by violent extremism, even though the recruitment or use of children under the age of 15 constitutes a war crime. -State armed groups in 15 countries recruit and use children for terrorism, according to a new report.
According to a report published in Islam Khabar, counterterrorism agencies in the United States and Europe are urgently addressing the vulnerability of young people to terrorist recruitment in Africa and Asia.
“ISIS’s ability to recruit young people was unprecedented, with young fighters identified in at least 34 countries,” reports released by counterterrorism agencies told Islam Khabar.
Jessica Trisko Darden, an expert on terrorism, said in an article published in the American Enterprise Institute, which focuses on how governments’ understanding of “how young people enter violent extremist groups should inform our approaches to counter and prevent the involvement of young people in terrorism “.
The document entitled “Combating the exploitation of young people by terrorists” highlights the anti-radical approaches in which governments must engage in order to face the growing threat.
Darden in his article described two ways in which the indirect recruitment of children is undertaken. First, “many young people are recruited by sympathetic family members or are made to believe that membership helps defend their family or community”. Second, “others are duped, trafficked, kidnapped or forcibly recruited”.

In Africa, since 1987, the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda has kidnapped more than 20,000 children, according to the report, adding: “Boko Haram has carried out mass kidnappings in Nigeria, including the kidnapping of 276 schoolgirls in Chibok in April 2014 and 110 other girls. from a Dapchi school in March 2018, “Islam Khabar reported.
In Asia, as ISIS was expanding into Iraq, its operatives kidnapped thousands of children from orphanages, schools and even their families’ homes. “Children under 14 are believed to have made up over a third of the 6,800 Yazidis that ISIS abducted from Sinjar in 2014. Another 800 to 900 children were reportedly abducted in Mosul for religious and military training,” the report said, adding that the kidnappings are continuing.
The counterterrorism agencies report further revealed: “More than 730 infants were born in ISIS-controlled territory to foreign terrorist fighters between April 2013 and June 2018. Some estimates place the total number of children born in the territory. controlled by the Islamic State at 5,000.. “
“About 40,000 foreign ISIS operatives identified in Iraq and Syria, 12% were children under the age of 18,” while at least 4,640 foreign minors were identified as affiliated with ISIS, according to the report cited by Islam Khabar.
The report reveals ISIS’s strategy regarding the use of young boys, claiming that “boys can be treated as more expendable by terrorist groups and used as human shields to spare fully trained adult fighters.”
He says, “The boys have featured heavily in ISIS’s propaganda, with their last wills and wills released for propaganda purposes. In Afghanistan, the Taliban have used abducted children – mostly boys – to plant improvised explosive devices and carry out suicide bombings.
It proposes criteria to be used “to assess the vulnerability of individuals to radicalization and recruitment and to design and target programs to counter violent extremism”, according to Islam Khabar. (ANI)


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