Most Poles support permanent US troop presence in Poland – The First News


Leszek Szymanski/PAP

In total, 86% of Poles are in favor of permanently stationing American soldiers in Poland and only 9.1% are of the opposite opinion, according to a recent poll.

President Joe Biden announced at the NATO summit in Madrid on June 29 that the United States would strengthen its military presence in Europe and create a permanent headquarters for its V Army Corps in Poland in response to threats from Moscow after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The US decision to establish a new permanent command post in Poland for V Corps marks the first permanent stationing of US troops on the eastern edge of NATO territory.

When asked which president and government had better and more effective relations with the United States, 37.9% said it was President Andrzej Duda and the government led by Mateusz Morawiecki, while 26.3% said it was former President Bronisław Komorowski and the headed Council of Ministers. by Donald Tusk.

According to 21.3% of respondents, the two presidents and the two governments had similar relations with the United States.

Researcher Estymator carried out the survey, commissioned by, on July 5-6 on a representative sample of 1,100 adult Poles using the CATI method.


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