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Straatmann initiated and developed the Joint Command Ethics Program, its Privacy Act, and its Civil Liberties Program.

“Ethics are an integral part of every command. Having an operational ethics office to get information from our commanders is really essential for what they do, ”he said.

The importance of Straatmann’s legal work was not lost on military leaders. He was named Space Command’s Reservist of the Quarter for the second quarter of 2021.

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This honor had never been given to a reservist.

Straatmann said he was selected because of his major role in the “turnaround” of two programs. In addition, he was the main legal advisor for a global exercise.

Straatmann has been an army reservist for 12 years.

Prior to Space Command, he was assigned to Strategic Command at Offutt Air Force Base. He was a reservist for three years with Stratcom. In 2012-13, he served in an infantry division of the Army in Georgia and in support of the war on terror Operation Enduring Freedom.

Colorado Springs Peterson Air Force Base is the headquarters of the Space Force and Joint Space Command. The name of the facility has been changed to Peterson Space Force Base.

The Joint Space Command is made up of the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. The mission is to defend national interests, deter aggression and support American allies and partners. He says: “If deterrence fails, the combat power generated by our combined and joint force will allow us to win. “

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