Navy investigates reports of “chemical odor” in drinking water in Pearl Harbor housing


The US Navy said it was investigating reports Sunday evening of a “chemical smell” in the drinking water of some military homes in the area of ​​Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. A military wife told Hawaiian Public Radio that the water smelled of diesel.

The Navy said on Sunday that there was no immediate indication the water is unsafe.

The Navy said it was testing the water. Navy engineers visited some of the Navy’s homes and drinking water wells to investigate.

“There was no smell or sign of fuel or chemicals in the water from the Navy’s water wells and water tanks,” the Navy said, adding that water samples had been collected for testing.

A military wife – who did not want to be identified by name – told HPR her family did not use tap water after identifying the smell themselves. She and her family live in accommodation that receives water from the Navy.

“We’re told there’s no evidence it’s dangerous, but when we turn on the tap it smells – it’s diesel fuel, like in our water. It’s kerosene coming out of our tap. “she said.

The woman said her husband, a diesel mechanic, also identified the smell.

The Hawaiian Public Radio Conversation learned that a preschool in the area, the Holy Family Catholic Academy Preschool, cautiously closed on Monday. Families told HPR they reported smelling water vapor in the cafeteria.

The Navy said it was working with the state’s health ministry to test the water.

This is a developing story.


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