Navy vet welds symbols of U.S. strength, stainless steel unit


CHESHIRE, Mass. (NEWS10) – A man from Berkshire County uses his skills learned during his service in the United States Navy to build works of art. In his studio in Cheshire, Massachusetts, Gary Czarnecki lights up when he does what he loves.

“Whatever I create, I want it to be instantly recognizable,” Czarnecki explained.

There is no doubt that the American bald eagle sculpture can now be found on his property. “I have always been fascinated by the majesty with which they soar. One day I was driving, I looked and I was like, “Oh my God, this is a bald eagle,” Czarnecki exclaimed.

This moment of inspiration sparked a certain American ingenuity. “Wouldn’t it be cool to build a bald eagle out of stainless steel?” he remembers saying.

RECON (Gary Czarnecki)

On the surface, Czarnecki might be a welder, but deep down he’s an American patriot.

“I joined the Navy when I was 17. This is where I first learned to weld in Scotland, ”recalls Czarnecki.

His love for the country and his eagle eye for art ignites the idea.

“I just wanted to do something that symbolized not only our national symbol, but the unity that should come with being American. Instead of being as divided as we seem to be today.

His handcrafted pieces have been on display throughout the city as they stand tall and proud. “Each of them is cut, sheared, shaped and folded by hand,” Czarnecki explained as he showed NEWS10 his sculptures.

Her strength and majesty stand the test of time and remind us that we are stronger together than apart.

“You have two fixed pieces of metal that you need to join and unify into one,” as Czarbecki said. “Lots of photos taken with her, for sure. I hope this will give them a sense of patriotism and unification. “

Strike at the heart of what makes us Americans: our independence and our freedom to soar.

His most ambitious project, known as Recon, the American bald eagle sculpture on top of a tree, stands 9 feet tall and weighs over 600 pounds. Czarnecki said it took him over six months to build.

You can find out more about Czarnecki’s work on his website.


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