Navy veteran capitalizes on barbecue passion


BEEVILLE, Texas – A Navy man turned well master turned his passion into a successful business venture in no time.

Opening a restaurant is difficult enough, but doing so during a pandemic creates even more challenges. Despite the odds against him, John Anthony Gutierrez thrived with a lot of help and a really big break.

“Cooking runs pretty deep in my family and in a lot of the people I hung out with as well,” Gutierrez said. “I didn’t know I could take it to a professional level.”

Gutierrez brought his passion for cooking to the US Navy in 2002. After more than a year in the reserve, he entered active service and was assigned to the USS Stout, a ballistic missile defense vessel.

Cooking there taught Gutierrez to be resourceful.

“You don’t always have all the ingredients you want, I have to get creative,” Gutierrez said. “I was also able to barbecue on the boat, we had picnics on the steel beach.”

Gutierrez returned to Beeville when his father died in 2014. Already a carpenter, he learned to weld, but the passion for cooking was still there.

“Everything I learned, everything I did, it all culminated in what it is today,” said Gutierrez.

What it has become BBQ Capital G. Gutierrez and his business partner Juan Gutierrez (they are unrelated) opened Capital G on February 10 this year. The success of the spot only fuels Gutierrez’s passion.

“With everything you do like that, passion is definitely part of it,” said Gutierrez. “It must make the difference and it is here.”

Gutierrez’s passion shines through with every bite. This is why Capital G has built up such a rapid following.

“We only exist if Beeville shows up, and they did,” Gutierrez said.

But the word is spreading.

Despite being open for a short time, Capital G was recently featured in ‘Texas monthly‘, something Gutierrez calls “an honor”.

“It just gives you more confidence in what you’re doing,” he said. “I know there are a lot of great places to barbecue here, but being picked by ‘Texas Monthly’ tells us we’re awesome.”

The barbecue is worth the trip all the way to Beeville, wherever you are from, but make sure you get there early. Capital G BBQ opens every Wednesday through Saturday at 11 a.m., and it’s a rare day when they aren’t sold out at 2 p.m.


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