New work uniforms coming for Coasties later next year


The Coast Guard will abandon its current operational uniform in favor of a blue version of the Navy’s Type III work uniform starting in late 2022, officials from the service said last week.

The new uniform, called the Coast Guard Work Uniform, or CGWU, will be presented to the Coast Guard Academy; Cape May Coast Guard Training Center, New Jersey; and other points of membership at the end of next year – the first quarter of fiscal 2023.

After that, the uniforms are expected to be available in Coast Guard Exchanges and online on ShopCGX later in FY2023 with the goal of completely replacing the operational uniform by 2025, according to an announcement released on the 10th. November by Hayes Davis, Coast Guard military uniforms. Branch program manager.

According to Davis, the service had expected the initiative to be already underway, with deployment to the entire fleet starting next year, after working closely with the Navy to develop and commission the new uniforms.

But the COVID-19 pandemic has derailed the schedule, causing the temporary shutdown of most textile factories in the United States and diverting clothing manufacturers from manufacturing clothing to manufacturing personal protective equipment.

Some Coast Guard members are already familiar with the uniform, as it was worn by those who work in maritime law enforcement and port security or who are deployed with the Navy on operational missions.

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Coast Guard Commander Adm. Karl Schultz also wore a prototype in March when he gave his annual State of the Coast Guard address in San Diego.

The Coast Guard will abandon its current operational uniform in favor of a blue version of the Navy’s Type III work uniform starting in late 2022, officials from the service said last week. (Coast Guard photo)

“The use of these uniforms in these particular environments has demonstrated that this type of uniform is perfect for all Coast Guard missions,” Davis said in an article published on the MyCG website. “We have received positive feedback… and it makes sense that the Coast Guard adopts this uniform as a whole as the new operational uniform. “

Two-piece uniforms will be the same for men and women, with blouses sized based on chest circumference and shirt length, and pants sized based on waist and crotch.

Unique features that are not available on the current operational uniform include a Mandarin collar which allows for rapid changes in combat conditions; a filing tab that can be changed after a promotion, rather than an embroidery that needs to be adapted or requires uniform replacement; an additional pocket; self-locking pants; and spaces for organizational fixes.

Another advantage of the uniform, according to Davis, is that it is already deployed by the Navy, which lowers production costs. He said the savings will be passed on to the service member.

Enlisted staff will see an adjustment to their monthly clothing allowance in FY2022 to cover the cost of the new uniforms.

Davis said the change will allow members to receive replacement value before uniforms are available and required.

The Navy tested the blue and khaki versions of a flame-retardant two-piece uniform similar to the new Coast Guard version in 2019 at US Fleet Forces Command, but the service continues to use Type Green or Desert camouflage uniforms. III, as well as improved combination flame retardant variant, on board ships.

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