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No Evidence Mysterious UFOs Seen By US Navy Are Alien Spacecraft: Report, Trending News

There is no evidence that the unexplained aerial phenomena spotted in recent years by US military personnel are extraterrestrials, an upcoming government report cited by The New York Times said Thursday, but officials still cannot explain the mysterious plane.

The newspaper, which quoted senior administration officials briefed on the findings of the long-awaited report, said they were able to confirm that the unusual ships were not the product of secret Pentagon technology.

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But examining more than 120 incidents over the past two decades could not explain the craft’s mysterious movements, which include unusual acceleration, changes in direction and the ability to submerge quickly.

And while senior officials told The Times that the lack of clear results means that while there is no evidence of alien technology behind the phenomenon, it is also impossible to rule out.

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A senior official briefed on the report said intelligence and military officials are increasingly concerned that the phenomenon is China or Russia experimenting with hypersonic technology.

The next report, which is expected to be released to Congress by June 25, will have a classified annex, officials told The Times, likely fueling speculation that aliens are in fact behind the encounters.

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The Pentagon last year released videos taken by US Navy pilots showing in-flight encounters with the unusual aircraft.

And the mystery was further unraveled by former officials with access to classified information.

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“What is true, and I’m actually serious here, is that there are images and recordings of objects in the sky that we don’t know exactly what they are,” said the former President Barack Obama on “The Late Late Show” last month. .

The US military no longer describes them as unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, instead using the term “unidentified aerial phenomena”.

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