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Left to right: Marc Brown, Vice President of Human Resources at Oswego Health, and Lt. Col. John R. Dickens, Army Recruiting Battalion Commander, at the PaYs event. Photo by Shea O’Malley.

OSWEGO – Oswego Health and the U.S. Army find common ground through the U.S. Army’s Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) program during a cooperative signing event held at Central- town of Oswego on Thursday, August 18.

Attendees at the event included Oswego Health Vice President of Human Resources Marc Brown, Army Recruiting Battalion Commander Lt. Col. John R. Dickens, Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow, as well as SUNY Oswego student Jacques Anugaus.

The PaYS program is an enlistment option and recruiting initiative for future soldiers, ROTC cadets and their families. By joining the PaYS program, the Army reassures parents and potential recruits of their long-term investments in their sons and daughters through education and training.

Partner companies and state agencies such as Oswego Health guarantee soldiers and ROTC cadets enrolled in the program, five job interviews upon completion of their service requirements.

Brown spoke about the opportunity this program will have and the benefits the community will receive by partnering with the PaYS program.

“The military approached me about the program. When I heard about the program, I thought it was a no-brainer for Oswego Health,” Brown said. “We are always looking to build talent pools both inside and outside the organization, so this partnership with the PaYS program is a win/win for Oswego Health and these future ROTC soldiers and cadets. It provides another pipeline for healthcare talent in our community and at the same time provides career paths for soldiers leaving the military.

Lt. Col. John R. Dickens also spoke about the overall value of partnering with Oswego Health for post-military employment goals.

“Oswego Health is building on a value-based connection with the military by joining other U.S. corporations and public sector agencies in a Partnership for Your Success that is often simply referred to as the PaYS program. At the heart of the PaYS program is our shared concern to educate and prepare people for an uncertain future in a highly competitive work environment,” said Dickens.

“It’s much more than a recruitment tool or a retention tool. This is an opportunity for the Army and our partners to build a network of highly qualified potential candidates for the benefit of each organization, and to connect and learn from each other at the community level. The more we can bridge the gap between our community and our soldiers, the stronger we can become. I understand that at Oswego Health it’s all about opportunity; opportunity for personal development, opportunity for growth and opportunity for success. We look forward to this partnership, which we will formalize today.

The city of Oswego formed a partnership with the Army’s PaYS program three years ago, with Barlow talking about the benefit of having former service members join the city’s workforce; saying the city is still looking to recruit former military personnel for police and firefighter positions.

“It’s definitely mutually beneficial. This gives our military veterans and those coming out of military service easy access to opportunities here in Oswego, and secures them job opportunities and interviews so they can make this transition a little easier. and still be able to work when they’re just fresh out of service. And of course mutually beneficial as the employer gets a strong and credible new employee for their organization,” Barlow said. “This is truly a great program, and I’m so proud that Oswego Health is looking into this program and partnering to join the city government in this program so we can put more of our local military veterans to work. right here in the town of Oswego. said Barlow.

Anugaus is currently attending SUNY Oswego. He plans to join the military as soon as possible with the intention of completing his college career while serving in the armed forces. Anugaus sang the national anthem for the start of the event.

“Through the PaYS program, the military is just like…in itself – it’s a great program to go through, especially as a young man myself,” Anugaus said. “College, I think it takes too much away from the actual experience of what the world has to offer. The military gives you exactly that; lets you travel the world, be in the best shape of your life , gives you college and an education, so I thought that was one of the best places I could be, especially right now.

Barlow received a Syracuse Battalion Company Coin for his partnership and continued support of the PaYS program.

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