Ouch! Watch the U.S. Navy smash a ship in half with torpedoes


During the recent Large-Scale Exercise 21 (LSE 21), U.S. Joint Forces conducted coordinated multi-domain, multiplatform, and long-range maritime strikes on a retired frigate off the coast of Hawaii. A video released by the US Navy shows the ship destroyed by an Mk 48 torpedo fired from a fast attack submarine.

With operations spanning 17 time zones, LSE 21 was a live, virtual and constructive, scenario-based and globally integrated exercise. It gave US Joint Forces the opportunity to test and evaluate developmental combat concepts that will shape how the future Navy and Marine Corps will compete, respond to crises, fight and win on the battlefield. .

During the exercise, forward deployed forces on forward expeditionary bases identified and responded to a ship-based enemy using combined command and control coordination with other U.S. forces. In this case, the adversary was a retired ship dubbed Ex-USS Ingraham. The Ex-Ingraham was a guided-missile frigate that was decommissioned in 2015.

The clip begins by presenting the weapon systems deployed. Then we are shown the simultaneous impacts of many platforms across the US services engaging the threat. The United States Marine Corps fired naval strike missiles from the Pacific missile, as well as AGM-84 harpoons from F / A-18C Hornets, while the F-35C fighters used guns to laser guidance.

But what gave the decommissioned ship the final blow was a fast attack submarine, which launched a Harpoon anti-ship missile and an MK 48 Advanced Capability torpedo. You can see how the ship snapped in half as if it were a simple toothpick.

LSE 21 provided an excellent opportunity to demonstrate new technologies that will allow the Joint Force to increase the speed and accuracy with which complex, simultaneous, multi-domain and multi-platform anti-surface warfare fire is delivered.

“The precise and coordinated strikes by the Navy and our joint teammates resulted in the rapid destruction and sinking of the target vessel and exemplify our ability to apply force decisively in the maritime battlespace. said Vice Admiral Steve Koehler, Commander of the U.S. 3rd Fleet.


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