Pope celebrates All Saints’ Mass at Rome’s military cemetery


Pope Francis visited the French military cemetery in Rome on November 2, Day of the Dead.

05 November 2021

Pope Francis visited the French military cemetery in Rome on November 2, Day of the Dead. During his live broadcast visit, the Pope walked past rows of graves, occasionally stopping to lay white flowers, pray in silence or give his blessing before offering Mass on the ground for them. faithful deceased.

In his homily, the Pope said that as he walked past the graves he noticed one without a name. He said, “Unknown. Death for France, 1944.

“In the heart of God is the name of all of us, but it is the tragedy of war,” commented Pope Francis. The Pope said the graves should be a “message of peace,” which urges people to stop making weapons of war.

“These tombs that speak, cry… They cry from within. They are shouting, ‘Peace’, ”he said.

Most of the soldiers buried there were from Morocco and Tunisia, according to Vatican News, which reported that of the 1,888 buried there, 1,142 were Muslims. These graves are marked with a crescent moon on each gravestone.

“I am sure that all those who have gone out of good will, called by their homeland to defend it, are with the Lord. But we who are on the way, are we fighting enough so that there are no wars? asked the Pope.

“Why are countries’ economies strengthened by the arms industry? ”

There were just over 100 people present at the papal mass in the military cemetery located about 2 miles north of the Vatican.

The Pope recalled those who died on the shores of Normandy and at the Battle of Anzio near Rome during WWII, as well as at the Piave River in Italy during WWI.

“These people – good people – died in the war, they died because they were called to defend their homeland, to defend values, to defend ideals and, often, to defend sad and lamentable political situations” , said Pope Francis.

“And these are the victims, the victims of the war, which devours the children of the motherland,” he said.

After visiting the military cemetery, the Pope prayed in front of the tomb of Saint Peter and the tombs of the deceased popes surrounding the tomb of Saint Peter in the crypt under Saint Peter’s Basilica.

On the Day of the Dead and throughout the month of November, the Church makes a special effort to remember, honor and pray for the dead. This year, the Vatican is granting a plenary indulgence to Catholics who visit a cemetery to pray for the dead any day in November. –ANC


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