Saudi Arabia’s takeover of Geordie, a soft power exercise


There are many people who concluded long ago that football made a Faustian pact and should be ignored in favor of indigenous sports.

Likewise, there are hundreds of thousands of Irish who support and watch clubs here and in Britain with great enthusiasm, and at some cost, who will be mesmerized by the consequences of the football takeover. the most expensive in history.

It is obvious that Saudi Arabia did not buy Newcastle United due to a new taste for stottie cake or a desire to go ‘gannin’ along Scotswood Rd to see Blaydon’s races. for everyone. This is an exercise in soft power on the part of a regime which has consistently demonstrated its cruelty to the opposition and to minorities.

Clearly the only real obstacle to an acquisition that has been worked on for 18 months was commercial television rights, not human rights, and once this issue was resolved, progress was swift. The idea that there will be an arm’s length relationship between the sovereign wealth fund and the rulers of the oil state is a pie, no one believes it.

Ex-owner Mike Ashley might wonder how he made himself less popular with his supporters than a dynastic ruler whose security forces deceived journalist Jamal Khashoggi of The Washington Post inside his Istanbul embassy to assassinate and dismember him, a fact to be remembered on the very day the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in honor of brave reporters.

Newcastle supporters would do well to watch The dissident, the compelling account of what happened to Khashoggi, rather than a DVD of Alan Shearer’s greatest goals.

Geordie’s supporters cannot be translated for celebrating good fortune and they cannot be held to higher standards than the UK government which negotiates 8 billion euros in trade, largely in the industry. armament, with the Saudis.

The Premier League signed the deal, confirming its financial primacy over La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1.

However, the Premier League is also making the repeatedly stated commitment not to tolerate discrimination. This engagement has some interesting challenges ahead, but their leaders are now feeling relaxed about the sports wash.


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