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Secretary of the Army The Honorable Christine Wormuth holds a Civilian Assistant to the Secretary of the Army (CASA) investiture ceremony at the Pentagon in Arlington, Va. On September 30, 2021. Mr. Bobby G. Henry Jr. and Mr. Guy Filippelli are the new CASAs to represent Maryland.
(Photo credit: (U.S. Army photo by Master Sgt Keisha Brown))


WASHINGTON – The U.S. military has appointed Mr. Bobby Henry Jr. and Mr. Guy Filippelli as the Secretary of the Army’s new civilian assistants during an investiture ceremony on September 30, 2021 at the Pentagon.

Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth has sworn to Henry to represent Maryland (South) and Filippelli to represent Maryland (Central) as CASA, and they will serve as two of the three CASAs for the state of Maryland.

“Growing up in Prince George County, Maryland, I had never met or interacted with an Army officer until I was a freshman at the University of North Carolina during the fall semester 1976, ”said Henry. “In the first month of my freshman year, I met an army officer who transformed my life by telling me about scholarship opportunities offered by the military.”

Henry was awarded a full three-year Army scholarship and entered active service shortly thereafter. While in uniform, he helped many students secure Army ROTC scholarships through enrichment programs and outreach efforts.

“It became my passion to reach out to as many educators and young people as possible so that I can share the positive programs the Army could offer to the civilian community as well as the exciting scholarships and other opportunities that the Army could offer to the civilian community. Army provides youth, ”Henry said. “As CASA, I look forward to serving my community and sharing Secretary Wormuth’s vision, interacting with the citizens of the great state of Maryland, and sharing how choosing a career in the U.S. Army can help them become more than they ever imagined. “

Filippelli is currently the Managing Partner of Squadra Ventures, a start-up venture capital firm. He was previously co-founder and CEO of RedOwl Analytics and Berico Technologies and founding partner of Oxpoint Holdings.

“It is a true honor to serve as a resource person for the military here in Baltimore,” said Filippelli. “My experience in West Point and in the military has changed my life and made me a better and stronger person and citizen. I am sincerely delighted to be a civilian helper to ensure that we have the relationships in place to enhance our Soldier Recruitment and Transition initiatives and inspire more of Maryland’s youth to make this decision to serve as I have. “

Filippelli began his career as a US Army Intelligence Officer, serving in Korea, Italy, Germany, Afghanistan and the NSA. In 2007, Filippelli received the National Intelligence Medallion, the highest national intelligence honor for civilian personnel, for his efforts in Iraq to bring real-time targeting capabilities to our tactical forces. He holds a BS in Economics from the United States Military Academy at West Point, and received his BA and MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford, where he studied as a as Marshall Scholar. He is Chairman of the Commit Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on veteran transition, and also sits on the boards of the National Cryptologic Foundation and the University of Maryland BioPark.

Wormuth thanked Henry and Filippelli for volunteering to serve in the CASA program, which enables distinguished members of the community to become “America’s link with the military,” and said every military service should benefit from the advantages of a civil aid program.

“I see CASAs as force multipliers; CASAs are my community links, ”said Wormuth. “I need them to explain the Army’s challenges to the community and let us know what the community thinks about the Army.

CASAs foster good relations between the military and the public, advise the secretary on regional issues, support the entire army workforce, and assist in recruiting and assisting our soldiers as they transition out of the country. the army.

Each state, District of Columbia, and the five U.S. territories have one or more named CASAs to provide a vital link between the military and the communities for which they serve. CASAs are typically business or civic leaders with a keen interest in the well-being of the military and their communities.

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