“Sign War” breaks out in Great Falls


GREAT FALLS – AKA Smith & Jones Pawn Shop launched the first strike – and the O’Haire Motor Inn then responded with a counteroffensive. Today, other Great Falls businesses are joining the “war of signs”.

The war of words started last week and has continued to escalate, with each ‘warrior’ using puns, puns and humor – and the purpose of good-humored jabs is not necessarily to drive sales or goose sales, but rather to spread some laughter and camaraderie throughout the community.

Charles Conley, owner of Alias ​​Smith & Jones, explained: “The pandemic has been really difficult for all of us. it was hard on us as individuals, us as small businesses. I know I felt it, I know my neighbors felt it. So basically that’s what we had to do, we just needed something a little more … light fun.

Sandra Thares, owner of the O’Haire Motor Inn, added, “There is a bit of pressure to find fun stuff every day. We have clients who send them to us saying, “Here’s one that might be good”. Everyone is really having fun with it. Who knows what we’re going to see in town?

Ms. Wright’s Pasty’s, Schulte’s Coffee House, Dahlquist Realtors, Peres Food Basket and Inge’s Fashions also joined in the fun. Each of the companies posted their latest volleys on their respective Facebook pages using the hashtag #gfsignwar. Click here to follow the war!


“Sign War” breaks out in Great Falls


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