SK Group enters the LATAM markets


Israel Defense has learned that the Israeli arms manufacturing company IWI, which is part of the SK group, recently signed contracts worth tens of millions of dollars in Latin America for the delivery of the Arad rifle, other assault rifles, as well as IWI pistols such as the Masada polymer pistol. In addition, contracts have been signed for the delivery of various Meprolight products, including thermal sights, STING laser dots, Mepro M5 day optics, Mepro MOR, MX3-T tactical magnifiers, etc.

Ronen Hamudot, VP Marketing at SK Group, says: “We are attentive to the demands of the modern battlefield and its many evolutions and provide a systemic solution according to the specific security and needs of each country. The Arad Assault Rifle was born out of an operational logic need for a weapon in which ammunition types can be easily changed for a variety of scenarios in combination with optics tailored to each customer’s needs. We frequently invest in the research and development and expanding our product range so that we can build and adapt the best products for the customer.”

Meprolight said that thanks to the ability of the M5 sight to easily and quickly acquire targets in all tactical conditions, it has become the IDF’s standard sight, where it has been used regularly for some time, in addition to being chosen by a large number of other customers, including countries of the NATO organization. STING laser points are also used by IDF, NATO organization countries and many other customers.

According to Shenhav David, Vice President of Marketing for the Defense Market at Meprolight: “Meprolight’s emphasis on optimally adapting its products to the requirements of the soldier already in the development phase is reflected in the ability to offer reliable and practical products for use in combat situations even when the soldier is subjected to severe stress and fatigue conditions The cooperation with IWI within the framework of the SK group gives Meprolight the opportunity to thoroughly test its products on different weapon platforms at various stages of product planning and testing.

Less than a year ago, Israel Defense reported that the IWI had won an Israel Police tender to supply ‘Arad’ assault rifles to the police’s counterterrorism unit. (YAMAM). In the context of Latin America, we reported in April 2022 that the company had been selected as a strategic partner of the Peruvian Military Industry (FAME) for the assembly, co-production, marketing, maintenance and transfer of small arms technology.


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