Star Wars game rumor will take us back to the days of the High Republic – report

A new Star Wars game is apparently in the works at French developer Quantic Dream, the French developer known for his story-driven cinematic experiences. Apparently the title should be called “Eclipse”, with the official reveal coming soon.

Venture Beat reported and industry insider Jeff Grubb spoke about the news of his premium show Giant Bomb, which was transcribed by VGC. “The Quantic Dream Star Wars game is set to be announced soon, that’s what I hear here […] probably before the end of the year, ”Grubb said. Although he mentioned that he “is not sure” of the setting or the time, the reporter seemed confident that “this is a Star Wars High Republic game, and its name is Star Wars Eclipse”.

This matches previous rumors that Quantic had signed a deal with Disney for a Star Wars game. Additionally, rumors at the time were that Quantic Dream was working on a more action-oriented game than previous efforts by development teams like Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human. All three games were created under a deal that made them PlayStation exclusive titles, but that deal ended. The action game would be a strange start for the studio, which made a name for itself creating slower-paced cinematic adventures.

What do you think of the rumors? Would you like “Eclipse” to take place during the time of the High Republic? Take to the skies with polite and courteous comments below.


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