Taiwan report warns Chinese to cripple island defenses during war

TAIPEI, Taiwan: A report released by the Taiwanese Defense Ministry claims that the Chinese armed forces can “cripple” Taiwan’s defenses and are able to fully monitor Taiwanese military deployments.

Beijing recently stepped up military activities around the island, which it described as Chinese territory. Moreover, China has always made it clear that it will take Taiwan back by force.

In this year’s annual report to parliament on the state of the Chinese military, Taiwan’s defense ministry presented a darker view than last year, when the report said China was not yet ready to invade Taiwan.

The new Taiwanese report says China could carry out what it calls “soft and hard electronic attacks,” including blocking communications through the western part of the first island chain, the string of islands that stretches from the Japanese archipelago, through Taiwan and to the Philippines.

China “may join forces with its Internet army to launch wired and wireless attacks against the global Internet, which would initially cripple our air defenses, sea command and counterattack system capabilities, presenting a huge threat to us, ”the report notes.

China has also developed its own GPS system, allowing it to improve its reconnaissance capabilities, the ministry added.

Using its own GPS, Beijing could monitor movements around Taiwan, aided by China’s regular use of its own spy planes, drones and intelligence ships, he said.

It is worth noting that this year’s report, like last year, indicates that China still lacks transport and logistical support capabilities for a large-scale invasion. Yet the Taiwanese have said the Chinese military is working to strengthen these capabilities.

Taiwan has also warned that with its precision missiles, the Chinese can strike anywhere on the island and are able to “cripple” Taiwan’s military command centers and the combat capability of its naval and air forces.

In addition, the Taiwanese said, with the deployment of medium and long-range missiles and more exercises involving its aircraft carriers, China is trying to be in place to delay “foreign military intervention” in an attack on it. Taiwan, the ministry said.

President Tsai Ing-wen has made expanding Taiwan’s defenses a priority, increasing the capacity of its national defense industry and purchasing more equipment from the United States, the island’s main arms supplier. and international funder.

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