Terrifying details emerge after North Carolina man charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting 2 women

GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) – 911 calls from two Guilford County women illustrate the terrifying times when police say they were kidnapped and assaulted.

Elmarco Deangelo King, 22, of Greensboro, is accused of assaulting, kidnapping and raping two Greensboro women.

One of the victims told WGHP that she met King on an adult website. The 40-year-old agreed to meet him on Bellevue Street near his home on October 5.

According to calls to 911, he jumped into his car and pulled out a gun. He then forced her to drive to different places and sexually assaulted her, police said.

A few weeks earlier there was another victim, who was identified by police as a 56-year-old woman. According to calls to 911, she was tied in a bathtub.

She told 911 operators that she agreed to meet King at the Howard Johnson Inn to sell her husband’s jewelry. The arrest warrants describe how she was strangled and raped by King.

King is in Guilford County Jail on guaranteed $ 300,000 bail.

Investigators are aware of only two victims and encourage anyone else who has had interactions with King to come forward and participate in the investigation.

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