The army reduces “sustainable” investments in ground vehicles and continues modernization programs


by Ashley Roque

Shown here is a Bradley vehicle at Fort Stewart, Georgia in 2016. The U.S. Army’s fiscal year 2023 budget request includes plans to select three companies for the next phase of its optionally crewed combat vehicle competition (OMFV), a future platform designed to replace the Bradley fleet. (The American army )

The US military wants to continue developing future ground combat vehicles in 2023 and has planned to cut funding for a slew of legacy vehicles to help pay the bills.

To date, the Pentagon has not released supporting documentation in support of its fiscal year 2023 budget request as well as a five-year spending plan. However, Army officials detail a major overhaul of the service’s ground combat vehicle investment portfolio by cutting dollars from “sustainable” programs, launching production of newer vehicles and investing in development. future of the platform.

“Across the Army’s equipment portfolio, we have balanced… between continuing the modernization momentum and targeted upgrades to our overall durable equipment,” Brigadier General Michael said. McCurry, director of force development, to reporters March 29.

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