The Dutch high-tech sector is unknowingly supplying technology to Russia


Dutch tech companies are unwittingly selling their technology to companies founded by the Russian military intelligence agency.

This is confirmed by a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense after statements on the matter, voiced by Jan Swillens, head of the Military Intelligence and Security Service (MIVD), reports Ukrinform citing NOS.

According to Swillens, the Russian secret service has created dozens of companies that operate in the Netherlands as “front companies” to evade Western sanctions. These companies buy technology only to smuggle it into Russia for military use, the official said.

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The Dutch high-tech sector can be counted among the best internationally, with big names such as NXP and ASML.

Swillens called on Dutch tech companies to do more research on their customers and learn about the actual end users of their products, not to unknowingly cooperate with the Russian military.

As previously reported, Dutch law enforcement has arrested a 55-year-old man suspected of supplying Russia with microchips by circumventing sanctions.

The microchips in question can be used in the defense industry. Therefore, due to international sanctions, they should not be sold to Russian companies.

The man claimed he was selling the products to other countries. His bank accounts and business stocks were seized.


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