The first report of the Senior Military Acquisitions Advisors newly appointed to ASN RDA

U.S. Captain Stephen Murray and United States Marine Corps Col. Dave Burton were selected by a panel of General and Flag officers to provide senior level acquisition expertise to ASN RDA.

“These two officers are very successful acquisition professionals,” said Vice-Admiral Mike Moran, Senior Military Assistant, ASN RDA. “Their selection as the first SMAA of the Department of the Navy is a testament not only to their superb career, but also to the tremendous value they will bring to the Department of the Navy for many years to come. “

Captain Murray will assume a key leadership role as a Military Assistant to the newly created ASN Assistant Support Staff. He will be responsible for long term maintenance planning for surface ships / submarines, industrial base coordination and shipyard upgrades for fleet readiness. Captain Murray will also take a lead role on the new Sustainment System Working Group (SSWG), established to address systemic readiness issues across the naval enterprise. Captain Murray has extensive fleet and acquisition experience, and has just completed a very successful tour as a Major Program Manager for Surface Vessel Preparation and Maintenance.

Col. Burton will assume a key leadership role as the Military Assistant of the Department of the Navy, the new Overmatch project organization, which supports Navy and Marine Corps distributed maritime operations and integration with the Joint Command and Control Program of All Fields (JADC2). He will be responsible for integrating current Marine Corps and Navy networks and services to enable a future common operational architecture. Colonel Burton’s decades of operational and acquisition experience uniquely qualifies him for this role as well as his highly successful tour as a Major Program Manager for Intelligence Systems.

The Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition serves as the Naval Services Procurement Officer (SAE). ASN RDA has the authority, responsibility and obligation to report on all acquisition functions and programs, as well as the application of the procedures of the Under-Secretary of Defense for acquisition and maintenance. in power. The Deputy Secretary represents the Department of the Navy to the SHU (A&S) and Congress on all matters relating to procurement policy and programs.

The Assistant Secretary establishes policies and procedures and manages the research, development and acquisition activities of the Navy in accordance with the DoD 5000 series guidelines. The Deputy Secretary serves as the program decision authority (milestone) on ACAT IC programs and recommends decisions on ACAT identification programs.

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