The HBCU Experience in the United States Navy


Marcus Davis, a graduate of North Carolina A&T University, is a pioneering civilian in the United States Navy. Six years ago, his work team received the Secretary’s Award from the Navy Safety Excellence Award for integrating safety into procurement.

The award was created to recognize a team or office in the Navy or Marine Corps that has demonstrated outstanding success in mitigating security risks during systems acquisition and has better integrated security and risk management throughout systems design and implementation.

In 2015, Marcus received the “Rising Stars of Security” award from the National Security Council. The public service organization promotes health and safety in the United States and the award recognizes top safety practitioners under the age of 40.

Marcus is one of the primary officers responsible for overseeing the dangers of the US Navy‘s nuclear-powered cruise missile rapid attack submarines. Designed by Electric Boat of General Dynamics and Huntington Ingalls Industries, the Virginia-class submarines incorporate stealth, intelligence gathering and weapon systems technology.

Marcus has a dual role as the Underwater Weapons Systems Security Program Integrator and Security Director, responsible for tracking and overseeing all weapons and weapon systems hazards. He obtained a Masters in Contract Management from the Naval Postgraduate School in June 2018.


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