The image of the US Navy training center bears a striking resemblance to ‘Men in Black’


Images shared on Twitter by the US Special Operations Command show that some facilities at a US Navy training facility bear a striking resemblance to the headquarters of Men in Black in the movie starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

The egglike-shaped chairs on display at Naval Special Warfare Command’s Human Performance Training Center have Twitter users compare the installation to the 1997 film.

The Naval Special Warfare Headquarters is located at Coronado Amphibious Naval Base near San Diego in Southern California.

The chairs at the naval facility look almost exactly like the chair Will Smith used as he portrayed New York City Detective James Edwards when he takes a test to enter the secret agency that monitors aliens living on it. Earth.

In the scene, Detective Edwards, along with a group of men in uniform, sits awkwardly in the encompassing egg-shaped chairs while trying to jot down their exam answers on a flimsy piece of paper.

After struggling for a while, the detective stands up and noisily drags a heavy futuristic-looking coffee table across the room as the men in uniform stare at him in unison.

A A Twitter user wrote: “It’s one of the biggest stages in the history of cinema and now it’s real. I hope there is a coffee table located in the middle of the room, just out of reach of all the seats.

According to the US Special Operations Command, “Vice Chief of Naval Operations William Lescher visited the human performance training center during a visit to [Naval Special Warfare Command] last week to see how command assesses and develops character, cognitive and leadership traits within the Force.

Another A Twitter user wrote: “I would love to know what happened first, and more importantly I would like to know how many awards will be given to the creator who has exceeded his [60-year-old] commander who has not seen the film. “

The Ovalia egg chair has been featured in both Men in black and its sequel from 2002 Men in Black II. The chair was designed by Henrik Thor-Larsen from Denmark. It was first shown to the public in 1968.


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